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Bright Ideas

Updated on Friday, 21 February 2020, 3635 views

Bright Ideas for and from PCNs

From the Alliance Trust 

Neighbourhood Managers 

Bright Ideas from Federations 2017-2019

The big organisational changes to tackle the problems of the NHS being proposed by the CCG and others are going to take time to implement, but we have a capacity problem now.   We know that  practices are starting their own local projects to deal with the demand and workforce problems everyone is facing and we are capturing some of those initiatives from Somerset federations to inform all.

This is a work in progress as we receive the new initiatives please check back regularly (most recent items scroll to the bottom of the page)

The AHSN also have a portal showcasing the ideas across the South West which you can access here

Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice - Redesign of appointments

Somerset GP 999 support scheme

Paramedics in Primary Care

The role of the Health Coach in practices

Pharmacist in practice

CLICK federation

Wincanton Health Centre

The Human Five

The Human Five Scores and Goals

Symphony Integrated Health care

New initiatives added 9 June 2017

Irnham Lodge Medical Practice (Primary Care Practitioners)

CLICK (Emergency Care Practitioners) - Urgent home visit service

Ryalls Park Medical Practice - Active signposting and reducing demand on GP's time

Frome Medical Practice - Joint working with Adult Social Care - Mendip

Millbrook Surgery - GP Access (and more)

Towards Enhanced Primary Care Infographic - key elements and enablers

Added 23rd June

Clinical Pharmacists-Wellington Medical Centre

Lifestyle Medicine in Somerset

Added 7th July

Lister House New working arrangements

Added 13th September

Practice Pharmacist and the Prescribing Office Direct (POD) Team-Hendford Lodge Medical Centre

Added 15th March 2018

Nurse Away Day Presentation

Added 28th March 2018

Advanced Nurse Practitioners at Park Medical Practice

Added 10th April 2018

Village Agent as part of the practice team in Highbridge

Added 19th September 2018 Implementing Document Flow in Practice

GPFV Implementing Document Flow in Practice (Glastonbury surgery)

GPFV Implementing Document flow in Practice (Grove House Surgery)

Added 23rd October 2018

Grove House Surgery in Shepton Mallet-Innovation and an amazing sense of team


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