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Sources for GP Support

Updated on 09 January 2020, 11010 views

Somerset Local Medical Committee Pastoral support services and Somerset GP Safe House website 

The Somerset LMC Pastoral Support Network provides confidential support and guidance to all GPs in Somerset

You might be struggling with internal strife in a partnership, with burnout, or your personal clinical workload may threaten to become unmanageable. These and many other common scenarios are the subject-matter of the SSH which provides information and resources for commonly experienced difficulties, plus the opportunity to seek confidential advice from an Advocate. Our local lead LMC GP Advocates are 
Dr Barry Moyse and Dr Zoe Fox, who are supported by a team of GPs

Advocates can also be contacted by phone via the LMC: 01823 331428.Go to: for further information, or to contact our Advocate confidentially (anonymously if required).

See also: LMC Committee.

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GP Career Plus

For many years our LMC has been active in looking after GPs who are struggling, and let's face it we can all struggle at times during our career.

In the modern world, it is hardly surprising that GPs can become stressed or occasionally "not cope". Their job is to provide expert judgment-based health advice and action for the public on a one-to-one basis, confidentially and essentially for all comers. It is hard to think of another professional group offering this level of commitment. Even without the NHS constantly bombarding us with someone else's To Do list.

Other Sources

BMA Wellbeing Support Services Counselling / Peer Support (formerly known as BMA Doctors for Doctors Advisory Service and BMA Counselling Service) Tel: 0330 123 1245 - open 24/7 and any doctor or medical student can receive counselling and peer support.  Email 

British Doctors and Dentists Group
Provides venues for doctors and dentists recovering from substance abuse to meet for mutual and entirely confidential support and encouragement, Most have monthly meetings, and further information and advice can be obtained by contacting the BDDG National Secretary, John, at or on 0779 2819 966 or the BDDG Registrar, Peter, at or on 07982 594 779 or through the Medical Council on Alcohol or on 020 7487 4445.

Doctors' Support Network (DSN)
Self-help group for doctors with mental illness, PO Box 360, Stevenage, SG1 9AS. DSN has a Doctors' Support Line staffed by trained volunteer doctors. This provides a confidential and anonymous service for doctors for both professional and personal concerns. Tel: 0844 395 3010 or email general enquires:

Sick Doctors Trust
Early intervention and treatment for doctors addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Help with recovery and rehabilitation for affected colleagues and their families, 0370 444 5163.

Royal Medical Benevolent Fund
Financial and other assistance to doctors and their dependents, 020 8540 9194.

Royal Medical Foundation
Financial and other assistance to doctors and their dependents, 01372 821010, Email:

08457 90 90 90, Email: