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Updated on 17 February 2015, 10349 views

What is the Local Medical Committee?

The Local Medical Committee is the body statutorily recognised by successive NHS Acts as the professional organisation representing individual GPs and GP Practices as a whole to the Area Team and CCGs. The 1999 NHS Act extended the LMC role to include representation of all GPs whatever their contractual status. This includes GPs in Primary Care Act Pilots, GP non-principals and GP registrars. The LMC represents the views of GPs to any other appropriate organisation or agency. 


The LMC is an independent self-financing body with statutory functions. It is not a trade union. This is the role of the BMA. The LMC does function as a trade association. 


The LMC is funded by contributions from GP Practices in a contract with the NHS to provide General or Personal Medical Services, In addition, GPs are asked to contribute to a national levy, which is used to finance the LMC’s contribution to the national GMS Defence Fund, which pays for the General Practitioners Committee (GPC), administered by the BMA.


Elections take place regularly under terms stipulated in the LMC constitution which is approved by the Area Teams to which the committee relates. Any GP may be nominated for election. 

Core Values

The LMC shares the desire of any body that wishes to ensure a high quality service is delivered to patients within the resources available. The LMC is committed to the values of: