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Enhanced Services Local and National 2022/23

Updated on Monday, 13 June 2022, 1221 views

Enhanced Services Local and National 2022/23

Enhanced Service Specification COVID-19 vaccination programme: phase 3 2021/22 and phase 4 2022/23 - March 22

Enhanced services (ES), Vaccination and Immunisation (V&I) and core contract components (CC) business rules 2022-2023

Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service – contract specification 2022/23 – primary care network requirements and entitlements

Local Enhanced Services

Anti-Coagulation Initiation, Stabilisation and Monitoring

Advanced Learning Disabilities Support to Lufton College

Leg Ulcer Service (Federation Based – South Somerset)

Leg Ulcer Service (Federation Based – CLICK)

Leg Ulcer Service (Federation Based – East Mendip)

Complex Care Service Specification with Annexes

Complex Care Specification

Compression Bandaging for Venous Leg Ulcers (Practice Based Service)

Dermatology and Skin Lesion GPwER Service Specification#

Diabetes Insulin Initiation

Drug Misuse and Mental Health 

Enhanced Drug Monitoring

Fitting of Ambulatory ECG Machines

Fracture Clinic

East Mendip (Frome) Discharge Liaison Service

Frome Medical Practice Unscheduled Care Service

Gynaecology Management Service

Hinkley Point Temporary Residents

Clinics for the Homeless

Intermediate Care GP Cover Specification

Microsuction of Ear Wax

Minor Injury

PCIS Appendix A

PCIS Appendix B

PCIS Appendix C

PCIS specification V6 (updated)

Vasectomy Service Specification V4

Young People's Clinic - Burnham On Sea

Young People's Clinic - Redgate

Young People's Clinic - Frome

Young People's Clinic V4 - Glastonbury Surgery







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