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Covid-19 - Vaccination Programme

Updated on Monday, 12 April 2021, 1023 views

Covid-19 - Vaccination Programme

Announcement regarding AstraZeneca vaccine and next steps 7th April 2021

Updated Enhanced Service Covid Vaccination Programme 2020/21 11th March 2021

The BMA have produced guidance on the Covid-19 vaccine programme that can be seen at

The information and documents for the Covid Vaccination Programme (CVP) are being published, and in some cases revised and updated, on an almost daily basis. In order to access the most up to date information, please look to the following official guidance pages.

Government UK and PHE documents 

NHSE guidance documents and letters specific to Primary care. 

NHS Futures Platform  has a dedicated space for the Covid Vaccine Programme that includes documents and also slides and recordings of previous webinars. This website requires sign up to access, but it is very quick and easy to do so.

e-LFH training for Vaccinators

YouTube video demonstrating how Lay vaccinators can support the workforce.   

NHS Vaccination programme in Somerset FAQs for patients

Information for Healthcare Professionals - COVID-19 Vaccination specification

COVID-19 Vaccine Oxford AstraZeneca – movement of vaccine

Enhanced Service Specification: COVID-19 vaccination programme 2020/21 Updated 22.2.21

BMA & RCGP - COVID-19 Workload Prioritisation Unified Guidance 11 January 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination in Older Adult Care Homes  the next stage 13 January 2021

NPA COVID-19: Pfizer/BioNTech, Oxford/AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines characteristics comparison chart

Process for the payment of Item of Service fees and Care Home Supplement payments to PCN groupings 15 January 2021

NHS - Everything you wanted to know about vaccine allocations 11 February 2021

Vaccination of JCVI cohorts 5-6 and additional funding for vaccination in residential settings 13 February 2021

DOHSC & NHS - Letter to GPs on Risk Tool SOS - "COVID-19 Population Risk Assessment" 15 February 2021

Updated 15 March 2021COVID -19 vaccinator competency assessment tool

Link to Regional Clinical Advice Response Service (RCARS) weekly newsletters

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SOPs Toolkits Protocols

Standard operating procedure (SOP): COVID-19 local vaccination services deployment in community settings NHSE - SOP for vaccination of...

Enhanced Services Local and National 20/21

Advanced Learning Disabilities Support Anti-Coagulation Initiation, Stabilisation and Monitoring Community Leg Ulcer Service (Federation...

(PCN) National Information and Key Dates

GP Contract agreement 2021/22 GPC England has negotiated minimal updates to the GP contract 2021/22 to give practice support and...

Vaccine update: issue 311, August 2020

Vaccine update: issue 311, August 2020 This month's edition features: JCVI interim report on priority groups for immunisation during...

Vaccine update: issue 316, January 2021

Vaccine update: issue 316, January 2021 This COVID-19 vaccination programme special edition features: COVID-19 Green Book, chapter...

important message from GPC Chairman -Change to vaccine scheduling

All Senior Partners, CDs and Practice Managers Dear Colleagues As you will have seen, MHRA have today given approval for the use of...

Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 18th December 2020

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers This and previous updates are available here Message from LMC Chairman Dr Karen...

Vaccine and Immunisation Programmes 2018/19

Vaccine and Immunisation Programmes 2018/19 Full Guidance In March 2018, NHS Employers (on behalf of NHS England) and the British...

Vaccine update: issue 318 March 2021

Vaccine update: issue 318 March 2021 The March 2021 issue features: COVID-19 vaccination programme success continues JCVI issues...