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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 7th July 2017

Date sent: Friday 7 July 2017

All Somerset GPs and Practice Managers               This edition and previous updates can be found here

The LMC, SPH and the Locum Agency working together on the GP Career Plus project  An important part of this new initiative which has been funded by NHSE for a year is for the Locum Agency and SPH to set up a new website (based on Dr Geoff Hog’s Bristol Association of Sessional Doctors site) to make booking Locums more efficient whilst retaining the excellent service that Jayne and her team provide. It also adds benefits in terms of linking with other Somerset initiatives such as the LMC ‘GP in Somerset’  Campaign, SGPET and GP Plus.

The website will be owned by Somerset, and be a place where you can post locum vacancies as well as more substantive posts. It will also post events and have discussion forums. In time we also plan for it to feature other roles such as practice nursing and medical secretaries etc.

The site will be funded for the first twelve months on behalf of all practices and GPs in our scheme. We are looking at ways to fund after the first year but the cost is minimal (£3000 for the entire of Somerset practices).

For now – and at no obligation to use now or in the future – we need to set up log ins for each practice. To do this we need to add your practice managers e-mail address to the database and before we are able to do this we will need your permission.

To be clear, the site will be run by SPH and the Locum Agency and you will not get any unsolicited e-mails. We will train each practice how to use it and it will supplement (not replace) the Locum Agency as they will use it to automate some of their current processes.

We hope to launch later in the summer.

So, please can each Practice Manager e-mail to confirm that we can upload your e-mail address. Also, if you have any queries, please do contact Rachel by e-mail or on 01278 440 400.

National and Local Variation Documents 2017/18 The LMC reviewed these contracts in April and found nothing new or unexpected, this will be the last year that the CCG will have to use the standard contract and can revert to the short form developed for primary care use next year. We understand that the CCG will not seek to impose all of the contract terms exactly as written because some of them are just not achievable in practice, The CCG understands this as well and because the value of the contracts is fairly small any requirements under the contract should be proportionate.

Primary Secondary Care Interface Guidance launched This guidance document, which has been produced following significant pressure from GPC, provides clear national requirements that NHS managers and clinicians should follow to reduce inappropriate workload and by doing so deliver a better service to our patients. It’s now imperative that NHS managers stick to their obligations which are laid out here and also in recent changes to hospital contracts. Improving patient care is at the centre of this work, as when implemented these measures will make the delivery of appointments and care much smoother for the patient. Full guidance and Letter here

Improved Access Survey template please find attached a generic template for practices use that the LMC have had agreed with the CCG and NHSE, our thanks to Burnham Medical Centre for initiating this useful resource

NHSmail Update The vast majority of CCG staff are now migrated to NHS Mail. Should you email a CCG staff member’s old address, their new address should be detailed within the out of office message. Please update your records accordingly.

The migration to was relatively smooth, but there were issues with the implementation of Mailsafe which practices will not receive until the completion of the One Domain rollout. Three pilot practice sites went live with NHSmail w/c 3 July 2017 with no major issues reported.

Further practice rollout will be communicated in due course

Please contact if you have any outstanding issues to discuss regarding your go live.

CQC Consultation we would encourage practices to feedback on the latest CQC consultation which is looking at how they will regulate primary Medical services in the future, this closes on Tuesday 8th August Online web form

This weeks Top Tip: An issue has been identified with some patients who have attended another Surgery for other services such as Dermatology, Contraception Services or MIU  Guide to correcting registered GP on Spine


Kind Regards



Jill Hellens

Executive Director

Somerset LMC

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