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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 27th April 2018

Date sent: Friday 27 April 2018

Sent to Somerset GPs and Practice Managers

SPQS – Templates and Guide - the latest template and guide for SPQS is now available. We are unable to post the searches onto the website so please download them from the Winzip files attached. The Guide is also attached and will be added to the website next week.

GP data sharing for ordercomms streams viewer Taunton & Somerset and Yeovil District Hospital Trusts are working to bring digital technology to the bedside to improve patient care and safety. Streams is a mobile app which will show blood and x-ray results on mobile devices, which means that colleagues can make informed decisions quicker, with immediate access at the bedside and on the move. The software will also flag up patients at risk of Acute Kidney Injury and will be the platform on which the patient’s clinical observations will be captured and displayed digitally at the bedside on mobile devices. Streams will show information already available through ‘Order Comms’ from both primary and secondary care, regardless where the results originated. The main difference is that to show this information on a mobile rather than a PC the Trust will be working with DeepMind Technologies to process this data. T&S needs GP practices to sign and return a new (GDPR-compliant) data sharing agreement to make this happen and the LMC encourages all colleagues to do this without delay.

Update from SPH Ltd – Digital Diabetes Prevention Programme. Somerset has been chosen as an area to trial this programme and SPH are assisting the CCG. The population group is the pre-diabetic and obese. There are limited places available on two digital programmes: one is remote coaching and the other a fitness device. At a later date there will be a face-to-face programme. Practices will be paid to undertake an audit, to send out letters and also a small sum for each patient who signs up. SPH will support practices in running the searches, sending mail and will provide a pack of information to help with the process shortly. The deadline for patients signing up is the end of July. Please complete the survey so that we can understand what practices have already done and what support we need to focus on. Link to survey monkey. The Digital Diabetes Prevention Programmes offers huge patient benefit, supporting healthier lifestyles with free digital resources proven to reduce the demand on practices. Contact with any questions.

MMR 2 Vaccine - SPH have been successful in securing some funds from NHS England to help increase the update of the MMR 2 vaccine in Somerset. SPH will be in touch with practices shortly with a pack to help support practices with increasing their uptake. This is good news for SPH and for practices and is hot off the press. Contact

SPH Acting as DPO for Somerset Practices  SPH have agreed to provide the Data Protection Officer (DPO) role for GDPR for Somerset Practices who wish to take this up.  As part of this role, we will provide a Pro-Forma to enable Practices to carry out their Data Mapping and information on Staff Training with regard to GDPR. We intend to get this information out asap as we know everyone is very keen to get started on these initial aspects and time is short.

We are currently formalising the DPO role and more information and contact details will be provided to Practices shortly. We envisage that the DPO will be a source of advice and guidance for Practices with regard to the GDPR and plan to produce standard policies and patient information leaflets specific to Somerset that can be adopted by Practices, rather than each having to invent their own.

For this initial year, we are looking at a cost of approx. £750 per Practice based on the number of Practices who have expressed an interest to date (potentially less if more Practices wish us to act for them). As the same amount of work in setting things up and getting started will be required for every Practice, this will be the same cost no matter what size the Practice this year. Going forward, we can use the experience from this year about the amount of input required for different Practices to possibly have a sliding scale of costs.

If you are interested in SPH acting in the DPO role for your Practice and you haven’t already contacted us, then please email Rachel Stark asap on

Preconception / fertility planning for women with diabetes   The National Diabetes in pregnancy audit highlighted that only 8% of women with diabetes were well prepared for pregnancy (taking 5mg Folic acid, off potentially harmful medications and with HbA1c below 48 at booking). This led to a National Quality Improvement call in this area and the Somerset team, led by Isy Douek and Michael Lennox of the LPC, is collaborating with the LPC, LMC practice nursing, SWISH and Diabetes care teams across Somerset. From 1st May 2018 there will be simple one page “crib sheet” to help HCPs to help women with diabetes make changes before pregnancy. This gives headlines of NICE advice and, if they are considering pregnancy in the next year, who to refer to at T&S and YDH.  There is also the “Diabetes UK information prescription” for contraception and pregnancy, designed for patients with any type of diabetes which is easily found online. We are encouraging everyone who has contact with women with diabetes to use both of these. We are also keen to hear from you if you have any questions or comments and would be happy to arrange visits to discuss the project if you wish. Please contact, or phone 01823 344536.

NHS England South West - Primary Care Significant Event/Incident (SEA) notification process. NHSE S (SW) has produced a new relatively easy to use and streamlined online pro forma to help collate learning from Significant Events together with some helpful advice about what to report . The LMC supports the use of these.

Medicine supply issues for primary care The GPC prescribing policy group lead, Dr Andrew Green, recently met with representatives from their Medicine and Pharmacy directorate to discuss medicine supply chain issues, where they agreed to share their monthly update on primary care supply issues, which is also sent CCGs.  Link to medicine supply issue update for primary care for March 2018 from the Department of Health and Social Care.

From the Performance Advisory Group – a digest of advice from discussions of concerns and complaints brought to NHSE. When practices are dealing with complaints the individual clinicians involved MUST be included in the investigation and reply.

GPs supervising paramedics and nurse practitioners ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE for the care of patients and need to be confident that patients are treated appropriately particularly regarding  fast track referrals as other HCPs may not be fully aware of the procedures..

Head and neck fast track referral is designed for lumps persisting more than six weeks. DO NOT delay referrals for blood tests and ultrasounds.

NEVER access a patient’s medical records except for clinical reasons - especially not to check up on someone known socially. There is an audit trail and you can get caught!

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