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(PCNs) Legal and Accountancy Information

Updated on 14 June 2019, 146 views

GDPF PCN Schedule 1 

Schedule 1 (this has been developed and kindly shared by Avon LMC)

BMA Structures Governance and decision making

BMA Law briefing 

VAT Advice from Lentells

VAT and PCN Funding for Lead providers

LMC PSU area 

PCN Guidance Notes from GPDF

GPDF Guidance note on Structuring PCNs

Guidance note 1

Guidance Note 2

Guidance Note 3

Guidance Note 4

Guidance Note 5

Guidance Note 6

PCN Template Schedules from GPDF
These have been provided in Word format so that they can be easily amended by practices.

Please note that GPDF may issue updates and revisions to the Schedules from time to time, either in response to initial feedback or to reflect network issues experienced in practice.

Important disclaimer “These Schedules have been produced by Penningtons Manches LLP for GPDF Ltd as a guide only to assist with completion of the Schedules to the Mandatory Network Agreement, and do not constitute legal advice. Penningtons Manches LLP does not accept any responsibility or liability howsoever arising from the implementation or use of these Schedules.”



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