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Practice Support Documents (Including GP payments Timetable and Guide)

Updated on Wednesday, 30 September 2020, 4222 views

This GP Timetable and Guide was developed by the LMC and Resilience team and we hope practices find it useful, it is being updated continually as services change or are updated.The support documents are listed below

Enhanced Services Quarterly Returns Form 19/20

CQRS Amendment Form

LARC general Practice Quarterly return

Improved Access  Reporting Sheet

Copy of NHSE CQC Claim form

GP Contract agreement  QOF Aspiration

GP Contract 2020/21

National Enhanced Services

NHS Digital Collections timetable

Business rates reimbursement form

Rent reimbursement form

Water reimbursement form

Dermatology Appendix 5 Quarterly Report Template

Diabetes Insulin initiation Activity Report Template

ECG Monthly Activity Report Template

Referral leaflet for patients- Leaflet provides guidance on what to expect when patient referred by GP to see a Specialist

Guide to correcting registered GP on spine

Frailty - GMS core contract 

Patient Consent Guidance

Shared Care Local Enhanced Service Payment Claim Form submission form (SDAS)

Summary Care Leaflet

Summary Care leaflet and consent form Combined

Patching issues EMIS

Improved Access

Patient Survey

GP Contract - Presentation video links by Yvonne Vigar, Astara Consulting:

1. Contracting Routes

2. Key Elements of the Contract

3. New elements to the contract

4. Practice Finance

5. QOF - maximising income

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