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Practice Support Documents (Including GP payments Timetable and Guide)

Updated on 03 August 2018, 2351 views

This GP Practice Timetable  and Guide was developed with the help of the Somerset County Practice Managers group, SPH ,a Local accountant  and the CCG, we hope practices find it useful, it is being updated continually as services change. The support documents are listed below

CCG ES Services Monitoring form 18/19

NHSE Claim Sheet 18/19

NHSE Claim Form Minor Surgery Out of Area and Hep B 18/19

CQRS Amendment Form

LARC general Practice Quarterly return

Improved Access  Reporting Sheet

Copy of NHSE CQC Claim form

Somerset Enhanced Service Specs (you need to be logged in to view)

National Enhanced Services

HSCIC Collections timetable

SCCG Enhanced Services Monitoring Returns 2017-18 Template

Complex Care GP Annex 5 Quarterly Report Timetable

Dermatology Appendix 5 Quarterly Report Template

Diabetes Insulin initiation Activity Report Template

ECG Monthly Activity Report Template

Complex Care GP Example Quarterly Report

Referral leaflet for patients- Leaflet provides guidance on what to expect when patient referred by GP to see a Specialist

Guide to correcting registered GP on spine

Frailty - GMS core contract data collection identification and management of patients

This protocol describes how the Practice manages patients living with frailty. It is supported by reference to the national guidance.For Somerset Practice Quality Scheme (SPQS) surgeries, there are additional requirements around frailty which are actually more onerous than the core contract requirements. Please find the full guide and supporting documents below, you will need to contact the LMC office for the clinical templates as due to the format we are unable to post here. They were e mailed to all practices on teh 21st June 2017

LMC SPH Frailty Protocol Guide 17/18

Patient Consent Guidance

Summary Care Leaflet

Summary Care leaflet and consent form Combined

Patching issues EMIS

Improved Access

Patient Survey

SPQS 18/19

LMC SPH SPQS Guide 18/19

Please note the templates, Searches and protocols were including in the weekly update on the 27th April 2018, due to them being EMIS templates they cannot be posted here, but you will find them attached to the original e mail