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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 5th October

Date sent: Friday 5 October 2018

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers          This and previous updates are available here

Partnership Model of general practice review: Jeremy Hunt, when Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (DHSC) announced a review into the partnership model of general practice in response to concerns raised by the RCGP and the GPC. Following agreement between NHS England, DHSC, the RCGP and the GPC it was agreed to appoint an independent chair with an interim report to be published in the late summer and a final report to be published towards the end of the year. Dr Nigel Watson of Wessex LMCs was asked to report to the Secretary of State and the Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens here is his Interim Report and also a “Myth Buster” about partnerships aimed at trainees and newly qualified GPs. There is a summary of Dr Watson’s work in this quarter’s LMC newsletter.

Request for feedback from SomPar: We have been asked to circulate this  questionnaire. The LMC was asked for comments on the questions but they remain entirely SomPar’s. We think that it is good that SomPar is asking for feedback and so encourage colleagues to take part.

Engage Consult Online Consultation – Phase Two: As the first practices go live with online consultation practices are invited to reserve places for an Engage Consult event and to join phase two of the project. This initiative is being funded by NHSE for three years, as part of the GPFV, for the benefit of both clinicians and patients. It can support the management of demand and capacity within a practice and offers patients an additional option for communicating with their surgery. The CCG is keen to support practices interested in joining phase two in November: there is an Engage Consult event at Wynford House, Yeovil at 2pm on 22nd October. Clinicians and non- clinicians are invited to hear about the Engage Consult system and learn from the early adopters. Places are limited and the deadline for reservations is 12th October 2018. Please email For an introduction to Engage Consult go to: and if you have further questions or queries please contact Annie Paddock or

Information about palliative care MAR charts from Somerset Partnership: The new palliative care MAR chart is available from the DN hubs. The DN teams have been asked to utilise their existing processes for supplying them to surgeries – so if they currently leave the purple MARs in a pigeon hole, they will leave the new ones there too. Please find a short Myth buster here.
LMC have been informed that the acute hospitals have supplies of MARS charts and should be sending them with a new JIC medication supply if they are initiating the prescription.
Musgrove will supply JIC medication if the patient is felt to need it/ be dying in the coming few days after discharge. If the patient is expected to live longer then they would suggest the JIC medication prescribing is taken on by the primary care team.

Police reports of allegations of domestic violence: The LMC has been asked for guidance about these often very long paper forms which arrive from the police after an allegation of domestic violence or abuse. They detail the alleged event, list all the people potentially involved and an assessment made by the attending police officers of the risk to any children. There is also a list of previous involvement with the police, courts and victim support groups. There is a disclaimer saying that the document cannot be used for even Family Court proceedings without the permission of the Police. We know that practices tend to inform the relevant practitioners of the incident and code any important information. The question then arises what to do with the form? We have sought GPC advice which is that this paperwork has no legal privilege and should be scanned into the record of the index person as retaining it in a separate paper file risks it being lost to the record when the patient moves to another practice. If a SAR is subsequently requested the third party information should be amended as usual.

LMC Buying Group: Member Rates: Members of the LMC Buying Group can access discounts with any of the suppliers on the New approved supplier list 2018. To access these discounts, you can either login to the Buying Group website and request a quote or if you contact the supplier directly, you need to make sure you mention your practice is a member of the LMC Buying Group or state the discount code from the suppliers page of the Buying Group website.
If you were using an approved supplier before you became a Buying Group member or have been using a supplier for a long time and aren’t sure whether you are receiving the correct rates, you can email the Buying Group to check: 

LMC Study day Feb 22nd 2002: Changing times - what future for general practice?: Or Plus ca change: Whilst we were burning the retired medical director’s things we came across this document.
Keynote speaker Lord Paddy Ashdown said that “consumers (and voters?) must be respected and responded to, even when they make unexpected and unsettling choices.” We should encourage a multiplicity of provision. An NHS manager talked about the “NHS Plan” and the new contract that was to come. “Traditional outpatient departments are likely to disappear.” Someone called Mr Ian Carruthers from the new strategic health authority said that, “Morale is an unhelpful term and always it is said to be worse than last year.” Liam Fox, then shadow health spokesman, said the Conservatives accepted that further structural change would be a disaster, that giving patients more choice would raise standards and that it was wrong the NHS had 224,000 administrators and only (!) 196,000 beds. They would depoliticise the NHS. Dr Michael Dixon of the NHS Alliance said we had half the number of GPs in Germany. PCTs gave GPs the power to put right hospital services. Triage should split acute from chronic work. A spokesman for the Independent GPs Association predicted mass resignations after the new contract came in, causing a domino effect as NHS work cascaded to other practices. Many would take up private practice instead. At the end a majority of GPs present voted to charge patients for some services. An LMC spokesman from London felt that PMS was just the latest attack on independent contractor status that had been going on for 17 years. Would PCTs ever be able to move resources away from hospitals and into primary care? PCTs should not be micromanaged by government but judged on outcomes.


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