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Covid 19 National Guidance

Updated on Monday, 29 April 2024, 7239 views


Revised "Which Covid-19 Vaccine?" poster


Posters for Point of care recording - COVID-19 vaccinations

Access to vaccination for displaced population groups

Childrens programme update 11.10.23

COVID-19 vaccines - Quick reference guide

NHSE National Protocols for COVID-19

Key Updates:

It is anticipated that the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) will advise that influenza and Covid-19 vaccinations should be co-administered as the default where the patient consents and it is clinically indicated to do so. As a consequence, any practice participating in the Covid-19 Enhanced Service must also deliver the Seasonal Influenza Enhanced Services.

We have updated the Covid-19 vaccination payment arrangements to reflect the efficiencies of co-administration and the need for continued investment in local outreach:

The Item of Service fee from 1 September 2023 will be £10.06 for each influenza vaccine administered to an eligible patient and £7.54 for each Covid-19 vaccine administered to an eligible patient. That means when Covid-19 and flu vaccines are co-administered, the combined fee will be £17.60.

In addition, there will be continued investment in local outreach and a more targeted approach to improve uptake in historically less well-served communities.

A supplement of £10.00 will be paid for each Covid-19 vaccination administered to a housebound patient.

We will communicate the start date for the Covid-19 and influenza campaigns to participating practices following receipt of recommendations from JCVI but we anticipate that this will be in October 2023.

Autumn booster progamme 2022

COVID -19 Mass vaccination guidance for PCNs


BMA Covid Page 

11.November GPC advice on Covid 19 DES

10 August 2020 More Accurate General Practice Data

20 July 2020 Covid19: Toolkit for GPs and GP practices

23 June 2020: Trust GPs to lead: learning from the response to COVID-19 within general practice in England

02 June 2020: BMA GPC England Summary of NHSEI SOP v3

29 May 2020: Standard Operating Procedure for General Practice in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19)

24 April 2020: Joint guidance - Death Verification (BMA & RCGP)

24 April 2020: BMA - (VoD), (MCCD) and Cremation Forms in the Community


21st April 2020  GP and practice toolkit update 

16th April 2020 Identifying Patients at higer risk of Covid Guidance for GPs 

03 April 2020: COVID-19: PPE for doctors

01 April 2020: COVID-19: retired doctors returning to work

01 April 2020: PCN DES Guidance



CQC Covid-19 Pandemic Information 

9 Aprl 2020:       Covid-19 Update from CQC Chief Inspector



FAQ On Indeminity during the Coronavirus outbreak

NHSEI  Updates and Guidance for General Practice 


02.11.20 Update on guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable individuals and actions for GPs - Shielding Letter  

01.06.21 Revised guidance on Infection Prevention and Control - Updated 1.6.21

11.08.20 Expanding the Primary care workforce

10.08.20 General Practice Fellowships for GPs and Nurses new to practice operational guidance

10.08.20 Standard Operating Procedures Volume 3.4

04.08.20  C0651 Covid Support Fund Letter

31.07.20  Third Phase of NHS Response to COVID-19

09.07.20  Second Phase of General Practice response to COVID-19


Implementing phase 3 of the NHS response to the COVID-19 pandemic - 7 August 2020

Clinical guidance for healthcare professionals on maintaining immunisation programmes during COVID-19

NHSE Update on GP services for remainder 2020/21

NHS resolution Guidance for General Practice 

24.06.20 Standard Operating Procedures Volume 3.3

31.05.20   Standard Operating Procedures Volume 3

05 May 2020    Technical  Specifications For PPE

15 April 2020: Joint Guidance CAS Alert Ibuprofen And Coronavirus

14 April 2020: GP preparedness Letter

11 April 2020:  (FAQs) for clinicians re: Shielded Patient Lists

10 April 2020:  Shielded Patient Lists (SPL) - NHSE Letter

10 April 2020:  NHS England Updated PPE Guidance 

5 April 2020:    NHS England and NHS Improvement - standing operating procedure for primary care 

NHS England and NHS improvement - Landing page for Primary Care 

NHS England and NHS Improvement - Template letters for primary care

NHS England and NHS improvement - Guidance for Clinicians  and Managers 

NHS England and NHS Improvement - standing operating procedure for primary care 


Useful Links:









28 August 2020: Safeguarding children - NSPCC

3   April 2020:  Update on the Government’s shielding policy and implications for General Practice

31 March 2020:  Royal College of Physicians Ethical guidance published for frontline staff dealing with pandemic

26 March 2020:  KISS - Managing Clinical Groups During The Coronavirus Pandemic

25 March 2020:  Royal College of Physicians COVID-19 Management Guidelines

25 March 2020:  Guidance and updates for GPs: At-risk patients

24 March 2020:  RCGP FAQs on Appraisal and Revalidation during covid-19

23 March 2020:  Joint guidance from GPC, RCGP and NHSEI - The Role of General Practice

23 March 2020:  Joint guidance from GPC, RCGP and NHSEI - Workload Prioritisation

23 March 2020: OFFICIAL GPC INFO: COVID-19: remote consultations and homeworking

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