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Somerset Wheelchair Service - Information for Somerset GP Practices only

Updated on 16 January 2019, 2683 views

Referrals (Please do not contact Somerset LMC - please contact Somerset Wheelchair Service customer service desk - 0333 003 5621 further details below).  Please note this information/guidance is for use by Somerset GP Practices.

A CCG GP bulletin in March 2018 carried news that was so good that we thought we ought to republish it for the benefit of colleagues who may have missed it. “GPs are being asked to no longer prescribe or complete wheelchair assessment forms for wheelchairs and instead are asked to signpost and/or refer patients to the service best able to help them.”

Welcome though this is it does not, of course, mean that we have no role but, “In future, primary care staff are asked to refer according to the following: Service User needing wheelchair for First Time: determine whether the person would benefit from a holistic assessment beyond their immediate mobility needs (health, housing, carer or social). If so, refer to Social Services or the Integrated Rehabilitation Team. Where there are no obvious needs beyond mobility then provide the person with Somerset Wheelchair’s contact details to enable them to self-refer (phone 0333 003 5621).

Alternatively, the GP may contact Somerset Wheelchairs on the service user’s behalf. Existing Service User with change of need (person’s health or situation has changed): ask person to refer themselves back to Millbrook – the person should already have contact details but supply if needed. Service or Repair Required: ask person to contact Millbrook themselves. Referrals directly to the service can be made via telephone, e-mail or post to the contacts below. Please note the paper referral form is no longer in use. The Wheelchair Service contact details are: Tel 0333 003 5621; Fax 0333 003 5622; E-mail

Additional information - November 2018:

We have received confirmation that the process for wheelchair referrals is as follows: when the wheelchair service accepts a self-referral from a new patient Millbrook makes contact with a community therapist from the appropriate federation hub on behalf of the patient. A therapist then contacts the patient, assesses needs and completes the necessary referral paperwork.