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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 9 March 2018

Date sent: Friday 9 March 2018

Sent all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers      This and previous updates can be found here

Workload control in general practice GPC England have explored what more could be done to support practices and take greater control of the workload and have launched a workload control strategy to enable general practice to improve quality and safety, and to address the recruitment and retention crisis, by agreeing and publicising reasonable safe workload limits, and by providing practices with practical tools with which to achieve workload control.

GP "Speed Dating" Recruitment evening - If you are thinking about partnership, salaried or retainer posts but not sure where to begin, and are not sure what your next steps are then help is at hand and your questions can be answered during this evening on Thursday 15th March at Taunton Racecourse from 18.30.  If you are a GP or GP trainee who may be looking for a role in a Somerset then come and meet up with Practices and the LMC to discuss the various options and vacancies that are current or may be occurring in the next 18 months.

For further details and to book online please use this link.

GDPR Guidance from GPC  The GPC have published guidance for practices.

The guidance sets out the main themes of the legislation and what you need to do to ensure compliance, including:

The LMC are discussing with the CCG the role of the DPO (data protection Officer) as it would seem sensible to have one for Somerset, we also understand that the GPC are developing privacy notices for practices to display in their waiting rooms, and other useful templates.

GPC Prescribing Policy Group -  The GPC prescribing policy group have updated its Focus on anticipatory prescribing for end of life care and Focus on excessive prescribing . Both are available on the BMA website prescribing pages and the prescribing policy group are in the process of reviewing all their guidance, so there will be further updates in the coming months.

Referrals to the Millbrook Somerset Wheelchair Service   The CCG GP bulletin on Monday carried news that was so good that we thought we ought to republish it for the benefit of colleagues who may have missed it. “GPs are being asked to no longer prescribe or complete wheelchair assessment forms for wheelchairs and instead are asked to signpost and/or refer patients to the service best able to help them.”

Welcome though this is it does not, of course, mean that we have no role but, “In future, primary care staff are asked to refer according to the following: Service User needing wheelchair for First Time: determine whether the person would benefit from a holistic assessment beyond their immediate mobility needs (health, housing, carer or social). If so, refer to Social Services or the Integrated Rehabilitation Team. Where there are no obvious needs beyond mobility then provide the person with Somerset Wheelchair’s contact details to enable them to self-refer (phone 0333 003 5621).

Alternatively, the GP may contact Somerset Wheelchairs on the service user’s behalf. Existing Service User with change of need (person’s health or situation has changed): ask person to refer themselves back to Millbrook – the person should already have contact details but supply if needed. Service or Repair Required: ask person to contact Millbrook themselves. Referrals directly to the service can be made via telephone, e-mail or post to the contacts below. Please note the paper referral form is no longer in use. The Wheelchair Service contact details are: Tel 0333 003 5621; Fax 0333 003 5622; E-mail

Dementia Support - Somerset Partnership.  Emma Norton, Intensive Dementia Support Service Manager has asked for this to be shared:  The IDSS is a pilot service serving the East of Somerset which was developed as a result of the temporary closure of Magnolia ward in Yeovil. The IDSS team was developed aiming to reach patients with dementia and associated challenging behaviours to assess, treat and support these patients at times of crisis to aim to prevent admission into a mental health older persons ward. A referral form was adapted from the Community Mental Health team in Yeovil to use [but] in order to be flexible we are happy to take referrals over the telephone and my team will populate the referral for the referrer. There is an aim to work towards developing a similar service in the West of the county.

Kind Regards


Jill Hellens
Executive Director
Somerset LMC
TEL: 01823 331428
Fax:01823 338561

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