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Sessional / Locum Job Opportunities

Updated on 26 July 2018, 585 views

Currently there is quite a lot of  work for Locums 

You can search for work here:

Somerset LMCs Job Vacancies:

You can also use NHS Choices to search for nearby practices and then send them your CV.

There are a number of choices open to you as a locum – you can practice totally independently or you can join a group – these can provide different levels of support – from simply allowing practices to find you more easily to helping you with admin and in some cases provide some professional peer support in terms of CPD together. The LMC always encourages new Locums to visit the LMC office to find out about the area and the types of practices.  Locums can also apply for their portable DBS certificate via the LMC website 

Somerset LMC also has an education Trust Somerset GP Education Trust (SGPET) who run many educational sessions evenings, days and full weeks and there is also a regular Locum and sessional group meeting 

Longer term work in practices (salaried or retainer)

Why might I do this?

Some people prefer the stability and continuity offered by consistently working in one location with one team and seeing one set of patients over a longer period of time. If you become an employee you also gain certain benefits of paid annual leave, sick leave and maternity leave.

Where to find work?

Somerset LMCs Job Vacancies:

RCGP Jobs: