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Occupational Health Resources and Guidance

Updated on Thursday, 20 July 2023, 1082 views

Occupational Health resources and Guidance

Practices have a legal reasonability under the Health & Safety at Work Act to identify hazards that any employee may face and put in systems to reduce the risk of harm to their staff, part of this is immunisations and infectious diseases.

Practice Staff

Practices should ensure they have logged for each employee (clinical and non-clinical) their immunisation history or a risk assessment as to why this is not required. The list of vaccinations this applies to can be found via the web link below:

We have put together a list of resources with regards to some occupational health FAQs with the help of our Nurse advisor, these include what an occupational service should provide, to training as a occupational nurse and some guidance from CQC. 

 It is clear we need a proper NHS-wide Occupational Health service for all staff.  Occupational Health, assessments are complex.

What should an occupational health service provide?

The document below goes through in detail what a service has to provide.

A few nurses have asked about the e-lfh modules however they are for brief patient interventions.

The new work and health e learning supports health care professionals to make brief interventions such as discussing the health benefits of work with patients, talking about returning to work and advising on adjustments at work.


State-backed indemnity doesn't cover Hep B vaccination for travel or Occupational Health delivery and the MDU or similar indemnity providers do offer indemnity for this (The RCN will cover private travel vaccinations if you are a member).

Providing work-related vaccinations to practice staff - The MDU

Occupational Health services available to GP practices

There are Occupational Health services available, although these would be at a cost to the practice.

Somerset LMC's: Occupational Health Services for GPs

Taunton based OH service

How do I become an Occupational Health Nurse?

To work as an Occupational Health nurse, you must undertake post graduate training.

Specialist occupational health nurses undertake an additional period of formal study in occupational health, leading to a recognised specialist degree in occupational health nursing. For more information, see: Specialist community public health nursing (SCPHN) and  
The NMC have standards for working as an OH nurse

The NMC code of professional conduct is clear, and we should work within our scope of practice and competencies.


Nigel's surgery 37: Immunisation of healthcare staff | Care Quality Commission (



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