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Weekly Update Friday 10th April 2015

Date sent: Friday 10 April 2015

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers

This Update and Previous Updates can be found here

Somerset LMC Studyday Thursday 14th May 2015 By the time of this meeting  the  election will be  over… but will anything  change for the NHS?  What is NHS England’s over-arching primary care commissioning strategy?  Where does the GPC think General Practice is going? How do we configure to make practice rewarding and sustainable? And what does the LMC’s favourite pundit, Roy Lilley, think we should be doing? For some answers, and  probably more questions, come to the 2015 LMC Study Day. Please book online (you will need to register on the site first if you have not already done so, once your registration has been confirmed you can both book and pay through the website) Registration details are attached and on the website itself

Medical Indemnity cover – tell your insurers about any change in clinical working As medical defence costs spiral inexorably upwards  ( the latest cheery news is that GPs should now expect to be sued twice for malpractice  in a professional lifetime)  the medical defence organisations  are becoming increasingly exact  about what activities are covered for a given premium. It is therefore essential that you tell your provider about every change in your clinical work. So, if you take on out of hours sessions, provide additional opening hours, arrange to see patients from other practices or agree to act as the doctor at a local sporting event  you may not be covered unless you have told your MDO, who may ask for an additional premium.

On the plus side,  if you are insured for a particular level of activity and can later prove that you  actually worked a significantly smaller number of session during that insurance year, you may be able to claim a refund.

Somerset LMC Survey on GP retention and Recruiting We would be grateful if all practices managers could complete this short survey by Tuesday May 5th

New Primary Care Liaison Manager at YDH Julie Brooks, former Quality Improvement Manager at Somerset CCG has recently been appointed as Primary Care Liaison Manager for Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Working alongside existing points of contact and services utilised, Julie can also be a point of contact for issues.

Julie will also be providing Primary Care with up to date information on new services, contact numbers, details of new services, updates on personnel and advertising training events available. All of which will be covered in a regular newsletter.

Julie is keen to know what your experiences of the Trust are.  Feedback received will be utilised when reviewing pathways and help to deliver quality improvements. All of which she hopes will have a positive effect on patient experience.

Julie’s contact details are, 01935 383088, 07769640638

Somerset Podiatry service Please note the number for the wells office is now 0303-033-3003 contact Rebecca Gordan.

And finally The British Society of clinical and Academic Hypnosis event Exeter