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National Flu Campaign 2020/21

Guidance on how to locally manage held flu vaccine stock in Primary Care Providers and NHS Trusts The National Flu Immunisation Programme 2020/21 - NHSE flu letter setting out eligible cohorts Annual 2020/21 flu season 20/21 DES specification Updated 02.09 Guidance Options and solutions for...

National Flu Immunisation Programme 2021/22

Achievements and developments during 2021/22 Flu Season .01.04.21 NHS England - 2021/22 Influenza Season letter - 04.02.2021

Vaccine update: issue 311, August 2020

Vaccine update: issue 311, August 2020 This month's edition features: JCVI interim report on priority groups for immunisation during the COVID-19 pandemic improving access to immunisations for hard to reach 0-19 years population within Berkshire call for submissions for our 'How we did it'...