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GMS Contract 2021/22

GMS Contract 2021/22 The APMS directions reflecting GMS and PMS contract changes that came into force from 1 April 2021 along with the Directed Enhanced Service Directions and the Statement of Financial Entitlements Directions have now been published. Contractors should note that the revised...

GP Contract 2020/21 2023/24

GP Contract Changes 2021/22 Implementing the 2021/22 GP Contract PCN National Information and Key Dates QOF Changes Primary Medical Services Directions NHS Operational planning Guidance 2021/22 GMS Statement of Financial Entitlements 2021 2020/21 BMA - QOF changes at a...

Issue 213 Somerset LMC Newsletter Spring 2019

Issue 213 A Gentle Reminder: PCNs Need Robust General Practice The Bereavement Journey GP at Hand Evaluation The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Rules for In-Patients