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GMS Contract 2021/22

GMS Contract 2021/22 The APMS directions reflecting GMS and PMS contract changes that came into force from 1 April 2021 along with the Directed Enhanced Service Directions and the Statement of Financial Entitlements Directions have now been published. Contractors should note that the revised...

GP Contract 2020/21 2023/24

2021/22 Contract NHSE published a further letter on 23rd August 21 with PCN plans for 21/22 - 22/23 . This details the NHSE plan for the gradual introduction of new service requirements for PCNs and confirming how PCNs will access the funding available for their activities through the IIF...

Issue 213 Somerset LMC Newsletter Spring 2019

Issue 213 A Gentle Reminder: PCNs Need Robust General Practice The Bereavement Journey GP at Hand Evaluation The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Rules for In-Patients