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Practice Management and Policies

General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR)

Upper Tribunal Ruling on Business Rates and Premises Valuations

084 Telephone Numbers

Access to Health Records

Accessing and sharing health records and patient confidentiality House of Commons Briefing

BNSSSG Immunisations Bulletin

Business Continuity Plans



Changes to the SMS Service and Funding

Choice Of GP Practice-Out of the Area Registrations

Confidentiality and Disclosure of Health Information Toolkit

Covid-19 - Vaccination Programme

CQC inspections GPC Guide

CQC Registration update for Vanguards and other new Care Models

CQC Registration update for Vanguards and other new Care Models

CQRS Declaration Report-Short Guide

CQRS Local

Data Sharing Agreements

Dealing with unfair comments on websites

Deployment of port security software - Removable Devices

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding (DOLS)

Deprivation of Liberty: A practical Guide

Disclosing patient information without consent

Display Energy Certificates (DEC) change in requirements

Duty of Candour Guidance from the GMC NMC

Email Security 2023

Emergency Supply Medicines for temporary Residents and Poster

Enhanced Services Local and National 20/21

Enhanced Services Local and National 2021/22

Enhanced Services Local and National 2022/23

Fitness to Fly in Pregnancy

Freedom of Information Request

Friends and Family Test Data Submission Guidance

General Practitioners Defence Fund (GPDF)

GP Enhanced Service Return Template

GP Networks


GP Retention Scheme

GP Services To Care Homes

GP Update Form Template

GP2GP Version 2.2a

GP2GP v2.2a – Filing of New Patient Records – for EMIS Practices

GPC Update on Co Commissioning of Primary Care

Green Impact For Health

Hep B Immunisation

HSCIC Colections Timetable

Immunisation Clinical Advice Response Service (ICARS)

Inactivated influenza vaccines for the childhood flu vaccination programme a

Infection Preventions Solutions

Intelligent General Practice Reporting Tool (iGPR)

IR35 Update

Kyocera & HP Cartridges For Somerset Practices-Price List

Legal ruling puts dramatic new cost on holidays

Legionnaires CQC Myth Buster

Legionnaires Disease

LMCs Buying group Flu vaccine 17-18

Locum Nurses

Locum Pack

Locums and Smart Cards

Making Retrospective Changes to Entries on the GP Medical Record

Mandatory Training for Practice Staff

MDU Online access to Patient Records FAQs

Medical Records - Amending patient records

New framework set to simplify care information for disabled patients and their carers

New Presentation for Choice 2 and the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme

NHS Acronym Buster

Occupational Health Resources and Guidance

Online Patient Services for Children

Online Portal-Supplies and Medical Records

Patient online Access

Patient Online services in Primary Care

Physician Associates

Police requests for medical notes from general practice

PPL Licensing of Medical Practices TV/Radio Usage in Surgeries

Practice and Primary Care Network (PCN) income ready reckoner for 2023/24

Practice Support Documents (Including GP payments Timetable and Guide)

Press Release

QOF Business Rules V36

QOF guidance 2018/19

QRISK2 Review Process Update

Recording Patients - Visual and audio recordings of patients (taking and using)

Records Management

Registering Armed Forces Personnel

Rent Reimbursements for GP Premises

Securing Excellence in Primary Care (GP) Digital Services

Social Media Policy

Somerset County Practice Managers Meetings

Somerset Federations

Somerset LMC Traffic Light System for Classification Documents

Somerset Patient Transport

Somerset Practice Quality Scheme

Somerset Practice Quality Scheme Evidence Paper

Somerset Wheelchair Service

SPQS Evaluation

Staff Handbook and Contracts

Staff Holiday Update

Sudden Death on GP Premises

Summary QOF Changes 17/18

Supporting Sustainable General Practice in the South West

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The hidden pitfalls of salary sacrifice schemes during maternity leave

The National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021

The NHS Complaints Procedure (England Only)

Transgender Patients/Gender Reassignment

Ukraine refugees guidance

Universal credit and NHS Prescription Charges: there is no box to tick on the back of an FP10 for Universal Credit.

Vaccine Update - Public Health England, Fluenz Tetra availability 2018/2019

Vaccine update: 330, June 2022

Vaccine update: issue 307, April 2020

Vaccine update: issue 308, May 2020

Vaccine update: issue 312, October 2020

Vaccine update: issue 313, September 2020

Vaccine update: issue 314, November 2020

Vaccine update: issue 315, December 2020

Vaccine update: issue 322, June 2021

Wellbeing support in Primary Care

Workforce Minimum Data Set

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