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Issue 186

Publication date: November 2013


All Change in the NHs - November 2013

Multisource and Patient Feedback, What should you expect? - November 2013

NHS Mail for Sessional GPs - November 2013

Relocation Relocation Relocation- November 2013

South West Clinical Senate - November 2013

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Issue 179

Accentuate the Positive - January 2013 CCGs and other NHS Groups - January 2013 GP Revalidation - January 2013 NHS 111 - January 2013

GP Earnings and Expenses Report 2013/14

The Health and Social Care Information Centre has now published the GP Earnings and Expenses Enquiry Report (EEQ) for the financial year...

Issue 182

EPACCS Register - May 2013 Locum Supperannuation - May 2013 New Treatment Options for managing IBS - May 2013 Significant Events - May...

Issue 181

Changes to Locum GP Employer Superannuation - March 2013 DWP Fit Note Guidance - March 2013 Looking Both Ways - March 2013 New...

Somerset Practice Quality Scheme Evidence Paper

This evidence paper accompanies the SPQS proposal and sets out the evidence and rationale for the proposal. It briefly summarises the...

Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 19th October 2018

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers This and previous updates are available here Reminder that ‘type 2’ objections...

Issue 183

Cremation Forms, West Somerset - July 2013 GP Locums and Agency Workers Regulations - July 2013 Riding a Pushmi Pullyu - July 2013

Issue 185

Changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme - September 2013 Why there is a law against holding a mobile phone and driving -...

GPC News 2 - 25 September 2018

GPC UK held its meeting on Thursday 20 September. The following issues were discussed at the meeting: · Nation and Policy Leads...

Issue 184

GP Provider Company for Somerset - August 2013 Monitored Dose Systems as Compliance Aids - August 2013