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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 20th August 2021

Date sent: Friday 20 August 2021

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers          This and previous updates are available here


THE SOMERSET PRIMARY CARE BOARD NOW THE SOMERSET GENERAL PRACTICE PROVIDER BOARD. The PCB was formed to represent general practice across the NHS with representation from the LMC, PCN CDs, acute trust GP Directors, SPH, Training Hub and CCG GPs. With an Integrated Care System, a combined Foundation Trust and unitary local authority in the offing there was a development day in June to discuss extending the PCB to cover wider primary care. At July’s meeting it was decided that, despite the importance of working with colleagues in pharmacy, optometry and dentistry, such a formal move would dilute the voice of general practice in the new NHS landscape. To re-emphasise the centrality of general practice the PCB will be reconfigured as the Somerset General Practice Provider Board (SGPPB). The Integrated Urgent Care Service (IUCS or “OOH”) provider Devon Doctors will join to renew the concept of undivided general practice. Contract negotiations will remain the province of the LMC but the SGPPB will be the voice of general practice teams individually, in PCNs, in IUC and wherever general practice primary care is provided.

CARE HOME WORKERS ASKING FOR COVID VACCINATION EXEMPTION LETTERS:. Some practices elsewhere have already been asked to supply these as vaccination will soon be a condition of employment in the care home sector. GPC tell us that DHSC have a cunning plan to deal with genuine exemptions and we await the details with interest.

SPIROMETRY UPDATE FROM DAVID LONG, LMC RESPIRATORY NURSE ADVISOR: The current situation regarding spirometry in Somerset is unchanged from the current way of using the risk assessment and guidance produced previously.

We are receiving queries regarding restarting spirometry which is clearly causing anxiety. In previous e-mails I was very hopeful a Somerset solution would be found and it looked like a ‘testing hub’’ would be a good solution as other areas have started in the country. My understanding is that the CCG asked SFT to look at integrating spirometry services in the new Community Investigation Hubs but that these are currently focusing on phlebotomy alone owing to the acute crisis in secondary care workload transfer to practices.

I remain hopeful but I thought it best to be transparent to temper expectations. We are all aware of the huge implications this has on patient care and your practices. So until something has been put in place we would recommend not undertaking spirometry unless you have undertaken a risk assessment using the Somerset spirometry guidance beforehand. We will support any practice or individual who may feel pressured into undertaking this procedure.

I am sure you are doing this already but using good clinical history taking along with as many other objective markers as possible will help make a working diagnosis. Be clear with patients what is happening and document what you have said. If doubt on the diagnosis remains after this then there is no option but to refer to secondary care for “diagnostic evaluation.”

COACHING PROGRAMME FOR FRONTLINE WORKERS: Dr Sarah Temple will be funded (SCC) to develop a coaching programme for front line workers which supports them to sit with difficult emotions and behaviours.  The booking form is on the web page. It’s a developmental project so very much about learning together. For more information please contact

CAVELL CENTRES NHSE have alerted healthcare providers that Treasury funding may become available for establishing a network of Cavell Centres (also being called Health Centre +) across the country. Cavell Centres are all about estates for Primary Care and Primary Care Networks with the additional aim of flexible space for other neighbourhood providers. Each Integrated Care System is likely be asked to put together and submit bids in the Autumn. Please see here a very short brief note from DHSC as an introduction. It is not clear when we might be asked for expressions of interest, but historically the turnaround time for bids is short. In anticipation we thought it might be helpful to set up a briefing and scoping session 10am -12pm on Friday the 10th of September to share the information we have received about these centres and assess the level of interest in establishing any Cavell Centres in Somerset. As such, we are hoping as many representatives as possible from primary care might be able to attend and find out what we know so far about them. If you would like to attend this meeting please can you let know and she will be able to send you an invite to the meeting.

SOMERSET FOUNDATION TRUST REQUIRES MEDICAL EXAMINERS (MEs): SFT is seeking senior doctors including GPs for an additional ME to start as soon as possible. You will join an established team of six from a variety of clinical backgrounds working in the MEs’ Office at Musgrove Park Hospital supported by the ME Officers.  Please see job description here.

The role of Medical Examiners is to:

This appointment will pay 0.5 PA (c. one GP session) and will support the roll out of MEs to all community and mental health hospitals in Somerset, the plans for which you will be able to contribute. The aim is to scrutinize all deaths by mid-2022. This post is initially for six months but is likely to be extended and increased to 1PA (as per the job description).

This role will interact with families and clinicians of all grades and specialities and could significantly change patient safety. For example you can confidentially listen to them to ensure that they are sent to the right hospital review system for action. The existing team has positive rather than adversarial interaction with the Trust’s senior management team and its input is integral to building a learning culture. This job is independently funded by NHSEI to avoid conflicts of interest. The job is based in Musgrove and is unlikely to involve travelling. Training is provided. Attached is a generic job description (with an incorrect PA allocation!). Contact Richard Innes informally to discuss the role or speak to Helen Gilliland in the bereavement office at Musgrove. Applications should be by letter & brief CV and submitted to by 3 September.

Kind Regards



Dr Barry Moyse

Medical Director, Somerset LMC, Crown Medical Centre, Venture Way, Taunton, TA2 8QY

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