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Certification - Chargeable

Updated on 02 August 2018, 1273 views

GPs receive many requests for reports from government organisations or other third parties.  Remember that unless they are specified  in legislation (e.g Death Certificates ) or NHS Regulations or contracts (e.g. Med3 Certificates)  you do not have a contractual obligation to fill in these reports and they will attract a fee. The fee needs to take into account your professional time and expertise along with an administration charge.  Bear in mind there are a considerable number of administrative, financial and legal duties which go along with the professional processing of any request for a report. There may also be archiving costs arising from generating one.

In light of this, an appropriate administration charge is not an unreasonable request, before the professional time and expertise is also taken in to account in producing the report. Assuming the patient doesn't need to be seen  clinically, and that they don't request access to the report or the notes (as is their right under various legislation)  use our checklist to make sure you and your practice staff are following the correct process.

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