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Access to Health Records

Updated on Wednesday, 2 October 2019, 1998 views

Health professionals often receive requests from people who wish to access health records. These requests can include requests from patients to view or obtain copies of their own health record using GDPR subject access request rights or the requests might come from third parties, such as the police. Sometimes the requests are for access to the records of deceased patients.

The guidance covers the following areas:

•  defining a health record
•  advice on record-keeping
•  subject access requests 
•  requests for access on behalf of others 
•  requests by the police 
•  requests by insurers 
•  requests for access to the records of deceased patients 
•  records retention 

BMA/The Law Society consent formBMA/The Law Society consent form

Full guidance 

Access for medical students

There are processes in place, through NHS Connecting for Health, to ensure that students are issued with Smartcards for access to records and systems.

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