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Somerset LMC Traffic Light System for Classification Documents

Updated on 27 February 2015, 938 views

When a new document is released to Practices by the CCG Area Team and other agencies, there has been some confusion about the LMC’s involvement i.e some are being viewed as ones where the LMC has been consulted and practices have mistakenly thought that the LMC has agreed to them.

So, in the interests of clarity, from 24/12/09 Somerset LMC is implementing the following classification for these documents:


a) This has been negotiated between the LMC and CCG/ other organisations and the final draft has been agreed between the two parties


b) There has been no discussion with the LMC but we have no concern about the document.


The LMC has been consulted by the CCG/other organisations and some comments made by the LMC may have influenced the document, but the LMC has not agreed to all parts of the final document.     


a) The LMC has not agreed to the document.or has serious concerns


b) The LMC has not been consulted and we have concerns about the document.  

Clearly not every communication released by the CCG/other agency will require classification, but those that are will often be related to contractual issues.

Practices may wish to negotiate further with the CCG/other agencies on these documents, in which case, it would be appreciated if you could let us know and we may be able to provide further information on our negotiations that may prevent Practices repeating work unnecessarily.