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Testing Times

This Is Not A Drill

What Three Words?

Viruses, Vectors and Valentines


Mamma Mia

2020 Vision

A Christmas Hancock and Bull Story

Electoral Dysfunction

Grip and Control

Election Doorstop Challenge

Somerset Calling

Of Mice and Men

Let’s Get Stuff Done

The Rime of the Ancient Physician

Yellowhammers and Werewolves

Being There

Fudge Factor

Seeing Red

Shocker at the Short 10th

Waxing Lyrical

The Eyes Have It

Panoramic Views


The Big One

An Inspector Calls

Let Them Eat Cake

Safe as Houses

Five Go Mad Leaving Lilliput


Gunboat Diplomacy

Incidental Music


From Serendip With Pity

Sticks in the Sand

The Twelve Rays of (hope for) Christmas

A Tale of Two Geoffreys

Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 14th December 2018

Lines of Duty

The Wrong Trousers

Risk and Responsibility

Putting it all in Perspective

Gone Viral

Notes from the Auvergne

Hearts and Minds

And is there Class A honey still for tea?

Shout at the Devil (and his Advocate)

Great Escapes

Le football est venu à la domicile…

Feeling the Heat

All Tosh and Cogs

(Ke)Toning up for Summer

A Letter between Friends

The Cotton Buds of May

Inflammation, Inflammation, Inflammation

Half-Term Report

Bytes in a Box

Snowflakes and Heroes

Communication, Communication, Communication

Looking Shifty

Don’t Look Back in Anger

Old Harry’s Game

Hopes and Fears

Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 5th January 2018

Yule Blog

Feisty Peeps

Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 8th December 2017-Now with link

Frax and Fragility

Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 24th November 2017

Black Friday

Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 3 November 2017

Naval Gazing

Let's Dance

Chorizo on the Chin

Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 15th September 2017

Wake up and smell the coffee

The Birds and the Bees

Locked and Loaded

Somerset LMC weekly Update Friday 18 August 2017

The Blog Cycle

Sounds of Summer

The Shrinking GP Workforce

Rock and a Hard Place

Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

Five Head NNW in 'Direction of Travel' Shocker

Lame and Limping

A Fairytale Year

Should have been a vet?

Alternative Canary

SPQS and SSs' SOSs

Currying Favour

Ab Fab

Alternative Reflections

The Dead Canary Sketch

Thin Ice

LMC Chairman's Festive Blog

Hearsay or Heresy?

Fresh Looks, Thin Skin


The Disease of Unease

Gongs Galore!

Can I offer anyone a TUE?

We need to talk about KP

It's been fun, but....

The Silly Season

Strops and Spots

Things are hotting up

Post Brexit. Maintenant le chat est vraiment parmi les pigeons...

Blog Trois

Sustainability and Transformation

Chairmans First Blog