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Patient Online services in Primary Care

Updated on 20 October 2016, 895 views

The Patient Online programme has released two  oolkits to support GP practices, CCGs, CSUs and other NHS organisations with the effective promotion of online services to patients: ordering of repeat prescriptions, booking of appointments and viewing of medical records.  The toolkits consist of templates for web copy, press releases, social media and newsletters as well as instructions on how to order the new range of promotional materials. These materials have been tested with patients across the country and now say “GP online services” instead of “Patient Online”, as a survey revealed patients related to this better.

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NHS England has a duty under the NHS Act 2006 to publish guidance on theprocessing of patient information. This Good Practice Guidance fulfils this obligation in respect of identity management for patient online services. It provides options for how general practice staff can verify the identities of patients registering with, or currently registered at a practice before providing them with online services.This guidance is intended for GPs and general practice staff. It is also intended as a reference document for the development of further guidance and training materials.GPs and other health professionals that offer online services must have regard to this guidance.

The document is arranged in three parts:
Part 1 – Introduction: context, legal and contractual requirements;
Part 2 – Principles;
Part 3 – Guidance: roles and responsibilities andrequirements for business processes;
Part 4 – Appendices: supporting materials.
Full Guidance