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Mandatory Training for Practice Staff

Updated on 15 February 2019, 1412 views

There are no statutory regulations that specify how often primary care staff  should be trained. Fundamentally, it is important that if anything untoward happened in your practice, the Partners could stand in front of a coroner or judge and justify that the training they had provided for their staff was sufficient to ensure they were competent, and confident to undertake the task given to them.

It would be wise to check guidance from:

to see if they are making specific training recommendations.

‘Mandatory’ means that specified training is compulsory at the discretion of the employer, however there are many other examples of good practice in training that you may wish to follow to keep all staff up to date.

Mandatory training differs for Staff/Managers and Practice Nurses but is basically as follows:

Safeguarding (adults and children): e-learning is acceptable.
Information Governance: Once, then refreshed when necessary.
Equality and Diversity:
Mental Capacity Act:

For team leaders or managers of staff or appointed leads it is also recommended that the following are covered at least once:

BMA Guidance on helping a practice meet their training needs 

For any information on local training courses to cover any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Johns on LMC Events page