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Improving and Protecting Health-Self Care Guidance for Patients

Updated on 30 November 2015, 538 views

The BMA supports self care for patients and have published guidance, FAQs and a blog to highlight the importance of self care. The guidance provides some easy tips for patients on how best to self care such as:

1.Colds, flu and most sore throats do not need antibiotics and can be treated athome
2.Order repeat prescriptions and book your flu jab in good time
3.Get advice from your pharmacist
4.Check online for information and advice.

The Patient Liaison Group (PLG) has published self care FAQs for patients and a blogfrom the PLG chair. Further advice and resources for practices are available on the SelfCare Forum website.In addition patients who have smartphones may wish to download
the NHS Advice ASAP application.