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GP Partnership Review Final Report

Updated on 15 January 2019, 229 views

General practice is one of the most important and respected institutions in our communities; it is the foundation of the NHS. It has been credited as a major reason for the NHS being one of the most cost-effective models of healthcare, outperforming many countries in the Western world which spend significantly more on their health care systems.

The strengths of general practice that deliver these outcomes include:

• organising care based on a registered list, with the vast majority of the population registered with a practice;

• providing care from cradle to grave;

• having a holistic approach to care, looking after the whole person and not simply focusing on one disease or a single episode of care;

• knowing more than one generation in a family, having a lifelong medical record;

• providing continuity of care where needed;

• and managing the undifferentiated presentation of symptoms

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