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GP2GP Version 2.2a

Updated on 12 February 2016, 883 views

The benefits for the receiving practice of using  GP2GP are well rehearsed, and they include:

However,  the biggest virtue of the system is that the sending practice does not have to print out  the whole electronic record, which is an expensive  exercise and simply adds exponentially more bulk to the record envelope.  This only applies if the receiving practice files  the incoming record within eight days of receipt.

It is therefore important that your practice procedures are designed to  file the incoming patient record as soon as the patient has been registered. Once the record has been filed, and the patient has been deducted, the sending practice will be notified what notesand attachments,  if any, need to be printed off . If the record remains unfiled for 8 days, the sending practice will have to print out everything , not just the items that did not transfer.

December figures from the HSCIC show that in Somerset  there were 14 practices who received less than 65% of patient records electronically.  This means the full patient electronic record for these patients has been lost for ever.  There were only four practices who received all their records electronically in December.  It is well worth ensuring that  your registration process for new patient  includes the correct search on the Spine

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