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Emergency Supply Medicines for temporary Residents and Poster

Updated on 07 August 2015, 845 views

The CCG is this summer re-launching its annual campaign to encourage visitors to the county who have forgotten their medication to request  urgent supplies from a community pharmacy rather than  via a GP practice.  Although NHSE does not yet commission pharmacies to provide this service, many will do so, though some  may charge a fee. Whilst practices in other parts of the country may not  agree to use the emergency supply regulation  (which authorises emergency supply  by a community pharmacy  so long as the practice agrees to  provide the  prescription within 72hrs)  there are obvious patient safety benefits  if all prescriptions are issued by the home practice. The LMC therefore  endorses the CCG request that, if approached by one of their patients on holiday in  another part of the country, practices should agree to issue appropriate prescriptions, always  taking into account clinical need and any  abuse of drugs concerns. Practice Poster