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Email Security 2019

Updated on 08 March 2019, 742 views

Below is a brief explanation of the current email security arrangements for Somerset’s NHS estate and corresponding partners.

It is important for email users to understand which email addresses you can send confidential information to securely.

The following table summarises the current position for users in Somerset GP practices.

Sender Receiver Status Secure for all data Secure for all data Secure for all data Secure for all data Secure for all data Secure for all data Not Secure Not Secure Not Secure any other email address Not Secure

Where email addresses are not listed as secure for all data, it is important to know how to encrypt the information you are sending. Adding the word [secure] with square brackets in the subject line of an email sent from an account encrypts the message. Full guidance on using the NHS Mail encryption function to send information securely is available at the following link to NHS Digital’s website.

If another organisation wishes to send confidential information to an email address from a non-accredited mail account, they should have their own encryption process in place.

Careful selection of recipients

As has a Global Address Book, it is important to ensure to check you are sending to person. The suffixes should be checked before sending i.e Jess Brown (SOMERSET CCG) rather than Jess Brown (DEVON CCG). It is your responsibility to make sure you select the right person.