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Somerset LMC weekly Update Friday 17 November 2017

Date sent: Friday 17 November 2017

Sent to Somerset GPs and Practice Managers                    This and previous updates can be found  here

Online Consultations – Initial Expressions of Interest Sought   CCGs are being invited to submit bids for the GPFV e-consulting funding recently announced, and Somerset is now seeking interest from practices and federations interested in being early adopters. Recent research evidence suggests that online consulting is not a panacea, but we think that if it is introduced as part of an integrated access plan it does have a place. We will need to have discussions about which software solution is best for Somerset but it would be very helpful to know fairly soon who is likely to be interested. Link to expression of interest invite - returns before 4 December.

Flu Update  First the good news: Uptake seems to be a little ahead of last year, and as of today the incidence of flu like illnesses is still low, though there have been some outbreaks in care homes across the country. This year’s vaccine is a good match for the circulating strains, but data from Australia suggests that the immune response in the frail elderly is poor, which is one reason why social care staff are being included at the last minute amongst the target groups. We expect an announcement on this any minute, as soon as the Enhanced Service Specification can be finalised. We don’t know how many social care workers are likely to request a flu jab , and though the national vaccine supply should be adequate, it’s unlikely all practices will have enough of a reserve to meet the whole demand. We’ll keep you updated on this and what contingency plans are agreed in due course.

There have again been technical problems with data uploads from practices, so although we appreciate it is already a busy time of the year we have been asked to request that practices try to submit the weekly data set on flu immunisations. It’s also very helpful if you can provide periodic updates on the number of front line healthcare workers immunised to date, rather than waiting until you have a final number at the end of the immunisation season. Finally, it is worth checking your CQRS data for errors as not only does this mean the working data is flawed, it may also delay payments.

A Reminder to Make Sure Your Tax Return is Accurate It’s that time of the year when all we ostriches finally have to pull our heads out of the sand and get the Tax Return done. This infographic from the Institute of Charted Accountants of Scotland is reminder that it is up to you to make sure the return is accurate, complete…… and on time!  Link to document.

Little Things that Make a Practice More Attractive to Locums.  Some suggestions from the collective wisdom of the GP Career Plus Group.
Have someone ready to welcome the locum with the offer of a cup of tea and directions to the loo. Switch on the computer in advance and ensure all the relevant passwords are available and the locum knows who to ask if there is an IT problem. Make sure the room is tidy and well stocked: having somewhere to hang a coat and store a bag is a good start. The contact GP for questions or support should come and say hello. The practice’s locum pack should be up to date, and basic health and safety information provided, e.g. what to do in case of a fire.

Triage calls should be reasonable in number and spacing, with enough face to face appointment slots to put patients into. The reason for a call or appointment should be on the screen. It is essential to ensure enough time is allocated when complex/intimate examinations are required or anticipated. It helps if appointment lists are reasonably balanced and not just packed with complex cases. Finally, being hassled by practice staff to leave at the end of a session so they can lock up was felt to be very irritating and also unsafe.

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