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Somerset LMC weekly Update Friday 6th January 2017

Date sent: Friday 6 January 2017

All Somerset GPs and Practice Managers                                  This and previous updates can be found here

A very Happy New Year to you all...

Pathway Navigator – Solution to Problem with Opening Referral Forms IT Support believe that the difficulty some practices have had  opening referral forms on the Navigator AppIs due to a change in internet settings  which led to downloads from the Navigator not working, but without showing an  error message.  While this is being sorted out,  the CSU have organised an alternative method for practices to access the forms. Go to

Don’t forget that the IFRP forms will soon be available as EMIS Templates These forms can be accessed via the E tab at the top of Navigator  or via

Meanwhile The CCG is  discussing  with interested parties an improved alternative to the current Navigator. We’ll keep you updated on this.

BMA Focus on draft MCP Contract We’re not aware of any GP Group in the county that has so far done more than think about the possibility of forming an MCP, but this helpful BMA document explains  some of the potential problems with going down this route, particularly as much of the essential regulatory detail is not yet known. Three MCP options are proposed :  a “virtual MCP” with practices and others working under an alliance agreement, “partial integration” under which core GMS/PMS contracts are retained but all others are shared through a new legal entity, and “full integration” which  includes core work in a  new hybrid APMS/NHS Standard Contract. It has been suggested that with full integration core contracts could be “suspended” and therefore, in theory, the process would be reversible. In practice that seems likely to be very hard to achieve. 

Funding for MCPs will mainly be from capitation with smaller quality improvement and risk sharing elements, and practices will obviously want to think carefully about diluting secure and generally profitable core contracts with more risky  intermediate and secondary care provision, especially in these uncertain times.  

Perhaps the key question, however, is whether MCPs will become sustainable in their own right for the long term, or whether this organisational level is just an intermediate in the journey towards full  integration  of services in Accountable Care Organisations.

GP2GP v2.2b - Integration of Previously Registered Patient Record At last this feature of GP2GP is coming to Somerset EMIS practices! The EMIS release news and version 6.5 of EMIS Web that is due for general release on 27 January 2017 will include the above although some practices may have this prior to the published date. guidance

Lead Manage Thrive! Tuesday 28th February Taunton Racecourse 9.30 to 5 : We have managed to secure GPFV funding for bespoke training for Somerset practice managers, the course will be delivered by Red Whale, one of the leading providers of primary care education in the UK, and will build on some of the 'High Impact Actions' as outlined in the GPFV with topics such as: developing your team, enhanced personal productivity, developing QI expertise, sharing effective ways of working and creating a productive work environment. further details will be released next week and you will be able to book online, but please do save the date, there will be no cost to practices.


Kind Regards


Jill Hellens

Executive Director

Somerset LMC

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