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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 15th July 2016

Date sent: Friday 15 July 2016

All Somerset GPs and Practice Managers                                This and previous updates can be found here

Provider Support Unit At the event held last night it became apparent that many practices have not yet accessed the documents that are available as a member of the PSU, these include the following

LMC document with some Initial Questions to Consider When Discussing a Possible Merger of Practices
Financial Documents-Lentells

Initial Merger Checklist

Legal Documents-Porter Dodson

Memorandum of understanding

Combined Legal and financial Documents

A guide to GP options

We continue to add to the documents and are currently looking at contracts for Pharmacists and ECPs working amongst federations, Practices wishing to explore various levels of horizontal integration need to start working together to explore how far they want to go in what areas and the PSU can design suitable documentation. A report on the evening is now available on the PSU area together with the presentations shared, you do need to log on to the LMC website to access these please use the following link

Over-Ordering of Intranasal Flu Vaccine Many of you will have seen this in the latest edition of Vaccine Update, but we think it is important enough to merit inclusion in the bulletin as well.

“During the 2015/16 children’s flu programme, approximately 2,247,000 doses of Live  Attenuated Flu Vaccine (Fluenz or Tetra/FluMist

were issued to the NHS. Uptake data shows that over 400,000 doses were issued but not administered (or administered but not recorded) to children. This equates to 19%  of the total number of doses ordered by all providers; 3% of the volume ordered by

school teams, and 29% of the volume ordered by GPs. At a list price of £21.60 per dose, the  value of the excess vaccine ordered by providers through ImmForm and not used is over £9m in total – an average of more than £1,000 per practice. Only 24,000 (6%) of the 400,000 doses of LAIV that were ordered by providers and not administered to children were recorded on ImmForm as wastage. Of these, around 16,000 doses (64%) were recorded as ‘avoidable’, mainly ‘expired before use’. The data also suggests that a significant amount of over-ordering occurred at the start of the season.

PHE is investigating ways in which excess ordering will be monitored and reduced in the 2016/17 season. Further information will be available through Vaccine Update in due course, but in the meantime please remember:

• LAIV is supplied in a  10-dose pack

• You can get weekly deliveries of LAIV throughout the entire season; there is no need to order it all up-front

• Be realistic about expected uptake rates

• Spread your orders over time; later ordered stock will have later expiry dates meaning your stock will last for longer

• Do not order or hold more than 2 weeks’ worth of LAIV; local stockpiling can cause delays in stock being released and increases the risk of significant loss if there are cold chain failures.”

Legionella  We have been informed that Legionella Scotland have been calling GP practices who had used them previously telling them that they had taken over ASI environmental (part of the LMCs buying group)  and could do their future surveys for them. This is completely false.

ASI has contacted the company in question to tell them to stop making these claims

Office Express we have been made aware there is another company calling themselves OfficeExpress as opposed to OfficeXpress targeting GP Surgeries stating they have outstanding invoices and requesting payment.

OfficeXpress are aware and have passed any emails they receive regarding this onto this on to the Fraud Office.

New to Practice Nursing Course - 3 day course on the 13th-15th September at East Quay Medical Centre, Bridgwater.  This course covers all of the basics for Nurses new to General practice and has been RCN Accredited. The costs are over and above the funding available under the education trust umbrella, therefore there is charge to cover per nurse of £750.  


Kind Regards



Jill Hellens

Executive Director

Somerset LMC

TEL: 01823 331428

Fax:01823 338561


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