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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 29th April 2016

Date sent: Friday 29 April 2016

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Sessional GPs elections to GPC Voting is now open for elections to the BMA sessional GPs subcommittee. The ballot closes at 5pm on Friday 6 May. If you are a sessional GP and have not received information on how to vote, but would like to do so, please contact


We have been notified by a practice of a scam involving printer toners where a company establishes the name of the Practice Manager or another senior person in the practice and then delivers unwanted goods persuading the practice that an order had been placed. The Reception signs for it and as no check is made, no one realises the items were not ordered. They then make repeat deliveries every two months, and claim that there is a rolling “oral” contract as once the goods are signed for it is deemed that the surgery has accepted them and becomes liable.

This usually involves printer toners and they are 5 times the usual price it has cost one surgery well over £1000.

They have scammed practices in Portsmouth, Bristol and Somerset too according to the article in Management in practice, who say they can’t release the name of the company involved unfortunately but it is usually in relation to printer toners.



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