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Somerset LMC weekly Update Thursday 24th March 2016

Date sent: Thursday 24 March 2016

All Somerset GPs and Practice Managers      This and previous updates can be found here

PSU We have now had sight of the legal documents that Porter Dodson has developed for the PSU these include GP options,Mergers,Joint Ventures,Contracts,Symphony,Confidentiality.Head of terms,Due Diligence,Partnership agreement,Articles of association,Shareholders agreement,LLP agreement,Secondment agreement,Zero hours contract, These have now gone to the accountants to add the financial information and will be on the PSU area of the website by the 8th April and made available to the members of the PSU.

Online Access  Before activating online access for patients it would be worth checking if you already have any patients with ‘detailed access’ already activated. This would mean that they have access to their record immediately and you will not have had the opportunity to go through due process to grant this access (i.e. checking it is appropriate etc).

EMIS can run a search that will show you how many patients have this activated. It would be wise to then change this access back to ‘core’ rather than detailed. This can only be done on an individual basis.

Press Release for practices Practices are being contacted by the local press for comments on the lack of appointments and the current GP crisis, please find a press release attached that you are welcome to use in reply

MEN ACWY as part of the 16/17 contract negotiations NHS Employers and GPC have agreed to extend the MenACWY 18 years to allow for the opportunistic vaccination of 19-25 year old non-freshers who self-present for vaccination. Full 16/17 contract details can be found here

Revalidation Guidance for GPs update The RCGP has approved a new Guide to Supporting Information for Appraisal and Revalidation (March 2016) that aims to reduce inconsistencies in interpretation and simplify and streamline the recommendations.update guidance here

Nice Survey NICE, supported by Public Health England and Imperial College London, is developing a framework for evaluating health and medical apps. The current study aims to better understand the ways that GPs are utilising such apps in their clinical practice, and their opinions around app evaluation. GPs play a pivotal front-line role in health promotion and in the diagnosis and management of chronic disease - scenarios in which health & medical apps may have an important role to play in the future. If you are a fully qualified GP currently practicing in the UK, please complete this short anonymous electronic survey

Hope you all have a very Happy Easter

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Somerset LMC

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