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Somerset LMC Weekly update Friday 12th February 2016

Date sent: Friday 12 February 2016

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers                                This and previous updates can be found here

Somerset Together-Yes But Are We? We had a great turn out at this evening event on Tuesday, some excellent debate and many questions raised, much more talking to be done,  please find attached a one page summary report of key messages and the current LMC Position, the more detailed report of the evening can be found online here which includes the next steps.

PCSE (formerly Patient & Practitioner Services)

Thank you!!

Dear All

PCSE (formerly Patient & Practitioner Services) would like to take this opportunity - courtesy of the LMC, to thank you all for your help and support over the years.

For those who have been around as long as most of us in the office (FPC days!!), we have certainly seen and participated in a lot of changes made to the NHS and we are sure there will be more to come. 

Unfortunately, it is our time now to leave the NHS and we will be graciously bowing out at the end of March.

Sally, Alison R, Alison Mc, Michelle, Pauline, Jackie, Briony, Trudy & Greg  wish you the best of luck for the future.……..  You never know, we may try and join you on the “other” side!!!! If you have any potentially suitable vacancies that anybody may apply for, please send the information to

The LMC have arranged a get together on March 17th from 3 PM at Express Park in Bridgwater for practices that would like to say thank you and farewell to Sally and her excellent team, for catering purposes would you please let the LMC office know if you plan to attend.

PGDs There are three new PGDs on the NHS England South West region website – Pediacel, Boostrix and Repevax. These PGDs supersede any older versions. 

Please ensure that you remove any old/ expired versions of PGDs from use and file them for your records.

Another two revised PGDs are currently being signed off (Menitorix and Prevenar 13) and should be available on the website by the end of February and a revised MMR PGD should be with us in March.  We will notify practices as soon as these are available.  Check out the website for latest position and ensure that you are using the current PGDs in your practice:

Please direct any questions about the clinical content of the PGDs to:

N.B.  It is not legal to use a PGD that has not been signed off by a relevant ‘authorising body’ or has reached its’ expiry date.   NHS PGDs used in GP practices in Somerset need to be signed off by either NHS England or Somerset CCG.  Please ensure that any PGDs that you are using is legally valid and has not expired.  The PGD authorisation signature sheet can be found towards the front of each document.

Resettlement of Refugees from Syria A small number of  refugees, initially just six families, are currently expected to be re-settled  in Somerset. This will  probably be   in Frome, Yeovil and Taunton.

The Public Health Directorate at the County Council   would be very interested to hear from any GPs, especially in those localities,  who have a particular interest in refugees or would be supportive of refugees registering at their practices . Public Health  are also  be keen to make links with any Arabic or Kurdish speakers.

If you think you can help please contact

and finally

A GP wrote to Jeremy Hunts constituency surgery to book an appointment their reply which was published in the guardian below

"Sir on Friday I rang the constituency office of Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary for a surgery appointment, the receptionist said none were available for a month. I asked if there were any weekend surgeries but was told he only does Fridays"


Kind Regards



Jill Hellens

Executive Director

Somerset LMC

TEL: 01823 331428

Fax:01823 338561


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Attached file: Key-points-from-LMC-Somerset-Together-Meeting.docx

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