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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 31st March 2023

Date sent: Friday 31 March 2023

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers          This and previous updates are available here

Contract Changes 2023/24: Although imposed changes to the core GMS contract are theoretically due to begin on the 1st April 2023, we are told that these are still awaiting legal and parliamentary review. Following this process, commissioners will be advised on a start date. Therefore, we would advise practices to carry on as they are under the 2022 contract until that detail is known and the contract issued. We will update you as soon as we can.

Further details of the PCN DES specification for 2023/24 were however released yesterday and can be found here PCN Network DES 2023/24

For those of you who attended the recent BMA GP Contract Update webinars, thank you! The one I attended had around 500 attendees, and the last session was on the 30th March. The General Practitioners Committee will now be in a position to create a document from all of our voices which will be released in mid-April. This will provide further clarity including reasoning for industrial action and options.
Catherine Ievers, Somerset LMC Medical Director

Somerset Urgent Community Response Service (UCR): Providing a 2-hour response for urgent assessment at home. UCR is part of the long-term plan and though nationally been in place for 3 years, it started in Somerset since April 22. Link for more information. Please contact LMC Medical Director if there are any issues with referrals to this service. In April, posters and flyers will be sent to practices.

Dermatology in Somerset: A new Somerset-wide dermatology service is being developed and we need your views. If you have an interest in this or would like to develop a specialist interest in dermatology please consider joining one of two identical meetings on Teams Net: (apologies for late notice).
Click here to join the meeting (Monday 3rd meeting) 1.30-2.30
Click here to join the meeting (Thursday 6th meeting) 10-11
During the meeting, menti-meter will try to gather as many views as possible, but if you cannot make it please contact either Dr Andrea Trill or Georgie on so that they can speak to you at a more suitable time for you.

LMC Steer on Inclisiran: The prescribing and administration of Inclisiran is not core GMS work and so there has been a national precedent to support a LES for this work. Unfortunately, nationally and in Somerset, this has not been taken up by the ICBs. The current offer of £10 per injection is not guaranteed income and is dependent on tariff pricing which will fluctuate in the future. There will be a loss if it is prescribed on an FP10. Therefore, though it is a green drug and you are able to prescribe it, the LMC steer is to avoid doing so until we have successfully negotiated a guaranteed long-term funding stream for this work. We have meetings coming up with the ICB to discuss this and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Somerset’s Discrimination and Harassment Survey Webinar: On Wednesday 17th May 2023 1-1.45pm, Jon Dolman, Taku Chinomona and Catherine Ievers will present a webinar on the findings of Somerset’s Discrimination and Harrassment Survey carried out by Somerset Training Hub and LMC in September 2022. After the presentation, we would like to hear your thoughts on what differences we could all make to promote equality and support for our general practice workforce. To register please book here.

GP Evidence Website: GP Evidence is a new website designed by and for GPs. It gives easy-to-understand summaries of the evidence behind NICE recommended treatments for long-term conditions. It is hoped it will be a go-to tool for GPs (and other HCPs) to use when needed to support shared-decision making and the management of multimorbidity and polypharmacy. It launched in February 2023 and has been well received with over 5k users so far. It was funded by the NIHR and is free to use. There's more info about it on the website itself, and on this news story.

QRISK2: EMIS has announced that QRISK will be available until June 2024. The batch add interoperability tool will not be re-enabled. The clinical safety team at EMIS have assessed this with NHSE who are happy with this decision. EMIS are awaiting guidance from NHSE on how QRISK3 should be integrated by the clinical software suppliers.

Is Your Surgery in the Peri-Operative Diabetic Pilot? If so, we would be really interested to know any feedback on this new service. We are meeting with the lead nurse on this in mid-April and examples of cases which have had an impact on your workload would be most useful to know about. Please send through anonymised details (only NHS no) through to our Medical Director

Skilled Worker Visa (Formerly Tier 2 Visa): We are in the process of arranging a live application event on the afternoon of 25th May at Taunton Racecourse for practices to apply for this licence with supported help on the day, if you are struggling to find the dedicated time or simply do not understand the process would you please email to register an expression of interest so that we can get an idea of numbers. Practices will need to apply for funding from the ICB prior to the event in order to be reimbursed. We will be sending out registration details and further information on all documents needed to support the application prior to the date. Further details on the Skilled worker Visa can be found here.

Kind regards


Jill Hellens

Executive Director
Somerset LMC
Crown Medical Centre, Venture Way, Taunton, TA2 8QY

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