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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 11th December 2015

Date sent: Friday 11 December 2015

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers                            This and previous updates can be accessed here

Functions of the Provider Support Unit What would you like it to do for you?

We’d like to thank Andy Hill at the CCG for collecting together  a number of ideas from practices  and federations about some of the specific  things that the PSU could now be starting to do.  The “products” suggested  include

An agreement which allowed one practice to employ a member of staff who works across others  that would cover clinical governance, risk, indemnity, and employment issues. We already have a current MOU that federations can use developed by Porter Dodson.

Insurance  and indemnity  arrangements to cover clinical  professionals to undertake some practice work e.g. paramedics, pharmacists

An agreement which allowed a group of practices collaboratively  to provide some  elements of their GMS contract: for example,  acute “on the day”  appointments could be arranged in one location

Agreements which allowed non-clinical staff, or even other agencies, to  safely input into EMIS

The plan would be to produce a framework document that could be adapted for local use with relatively little additional work or cost.

Do any of these look interesting to you? Have you any other suggestions?

All comments welcome at LMCOffice

NICE GP Advisory group Dr Rosie Bennyworth has been asked to join a small group of GP advisors within NICE which are convening to identify some of the biggest problems GPs experience in working with NICE guidance and to help to create solutions to those problems, she would be interested to hear the views of GPs on the following questions:

1. What is the problem that we are trying to solve? (There may well be several!)

2. How might we go about solving this?

3. Who else should we involve?

Please send your views to the LMC office by the 31st December and we will forward to Rosie lmcoffice

Appraisal tool kits after March 2016 A quick reminder that the Severn Deanery Appraisal toolkit will no longer be available after March 2016 so GPs need to start looking at the alternatives. There are several available the fourteen fish (formerly MYLMC) which costs £42 (reduced pro rata if several GPs in the practice sign up) users report that it is easy to use and GP friendly, it is also moderated which many are not.  it will now link to your account on both the LMC and SGPET websites  See Fourteen Fish

Other acceptable webbased tools include the MAG form which is free and is available on the NHS Revalidation website.  It can be saved to your desktop and evidence added during the year, and after your appraisal a copy is  stored in the Revalidation Management System (RMS). This can only be accessed by the Revalidation team, and it allows us a painless process for managing revalidations. Link to MAG

“Clarity” is a development of the old RCGP toolkit well known to many GPs and it costs £60. Clarity

Note: that if you use a web-based toolkit  a summary needs to be uploaded to the RMS by your appraiser after your  appraisal. Paper based appraisals will no longer be accepted as evidence for revalidation.

and finally...

CCG in Brighton and Hove use comedian Dom Joly to raise public awareness of the NHS 111 Helpline

Kind Regards




Jill Hellens

Executive Director

Somerset LMC

TEL: 01823 331428

Fax:01823 338561

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