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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 18th March 2022

Date sent: Friday 18 March 2022

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers          This and previous updates are available here

Barry: Following the very sad passing of Dr Barry Moyse last Friday, Dr Nick Bray previous LMC chair and close friend of Barry has written a tribute to Barry which we felt summarised what a truly amazing person he was. Brace yourself.

Dr Karen Sylvester LMC chairman 

Access to Records Important Update: The "Access to Records" program will NOT be launched in April. As anticipated the program has now been delayed until July the GPC continue to meet weekly with the NHSE teams to look at all aspects of the program and raise concerns.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Claims: As practices may be aware, from April 2022 it will no longer be possible to submit claims to the NHS BSA for reimbursement of locally procured PPV23 vaccines administered, and practices should only be using centrally procured PPV23 vaccine for immunising their eligible population. From 1 April 2022, the pneumococcal vaccines (both the PPV23 and Pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugated vaccine) will be removed from the bulk vaccine list, for which claims are made via the FP34PD/D appendix form, and practices will need to submit pneumococcal vaccine reimbursement claims via a prescription form (FP10) for each administration instead.

Trauma Informed Chaperone Policy: As promised in a recent LMC bulletin, the CCG safeguarding team and LMC have worked together to develop a new “Trauma Informed Chaperone Policy” that incorporates some of the learning from survivors of sexual abuse. You may like to consider replacing your old chaperone policy with this new one. But if not then please do incorporate some of its principles in your practice. Dr Jo Nicholl, the Designated Doctor for safeguarding children and Barry Moyse worked together on this policy and Jo would like to thank Barry for his wise and sensible contributions. We are very sad that he is not here to see this final version being shared with practices.

Correction to last week’s article 11.03.22 - QOF Payments Linked to the Childhood Vaccination and Immunisation Program: The GPC have confirmed that NHSEI have refused to re-negotiate the QOF payments linked to the childhood vaccination and immunisation program. The QOF payment is triggered by achievement thresholds, there is a lower points threshold for which you will receive a payment, please follow this link (pages 90-93) for details where you will see the total points, lower threshold points and percentage achievement thresholds. The percentage thresholds are high and there is no ability to exempt patients, except for contraindications. As before the LMC therefore advises practices to look in detail at their projected achievement under this QOF domain for 2021-22, as some practices may find that they have provided the service optimally in the past year, but may not receive any of the QOF income associated with the domain. Practices in this situation will need to consider the viability of providing this service in future years.

Imminent Changes to the Completion of the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD): The Coronavirus Act 2020, which introduced easements to death certification processes and cremation forms, expires at midnight on 24 March 2022. Some changes have been retained on a permanent basis and other processes revert to previous practice.

The following provisions are continuing after 24 March 2022:

The following emergency provisions are changing with the expiry of the Coronavirus Act after 24 March 2022:

The full summary C1566_-coronavirus-act-expiry-death-certification-and-registration-easements-from-25-march.pdf ( Somerset’s guidance is attached here. Further information on verification of death GP mythbuster 13: Verification and certification of death | Care Quality Commission ( We will update with further guidance as it develops.

Oximetry@Home and Covid-19 Antivirals (CMDU) Services: Report that they are seeing very high rates of Covid-19 infection in Somerset. Fortunately, the progression to severe (respiratory) Covid pneumonitis is increasingly rare. In the past month the Oximetry@Home team have supported nearly 1000 patients with pulse oximeters in their own homes and only 5 patients have required admission; none of whom developed severe Covid. Currently there are no patients with Covid in either intensive care units and very few requiring supplemental oxygen.

The antivirals are currently restricted by national policy to a very small group of those with heavy immunosuppression either through high dose medications (eg solid organ transplant or complex immune-mediated disease) or cancer and associated therapies. Risk factors for Covid such as obesity, underlying respiratory, cardiovascular disease or diabetes does not make patients eligible for antivirals.

Both Oximetry@Home and CMDU teams are at or exceeding their capacity and ask that only those considered at highest risk of complications are referred so they can respond to GP referrals in a timely manner.

All Things Bright and Beautiful LMC Calendar: During Lockdown the LMC team decided to have a competition of the photos they took while out on their daily walks. We decided to have these made into calendars for practices, and from March each month there is a top tip or reminder, we do hope you enjoy them when they land in a practice in tray near you soon.

Top Tips....
Can be found here. New item this week is:
- Shingles

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