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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 7th August

Date sent: Friday 7 August 2015

All Somerset GPs Practice Managers and Lead nurses       This and Previous updates can be found here

Abnormal Results from Tests Requested By Other Clinicians

Examples Requested

The LMC is in conversation with  secondary care  about the continuing medicolegal expectation that the  person who requests a test is primarily responsible for acting upon the result,  and communicating this to  the patient.

We know that  practices are occasionally sent a test result   - either electronically or on paper -  that has been requested elsewhere but  with no supporting clinical information except the report  and no request of any kind for a formal transfer of responsibility  for action.

We would be very grateful if practices could contact the LMC office about  any such examples that you may receive  during August   so that we can raise them with the Trusts concerned.

Out of Hours  Patient Special Messages Somerset Doctors Urgent Care is currently using the previous Adastra “ End of Life Care” system  as the repository  for all  information that GPs feel  it is important for Out of Hours Colleagues to have available should the patient contact the OOH service.

Using the system and uploading information is rather clunky, and we have asked that a different system be found,  the LMC has been assured that this is not a permanent  arrangement, and a better system is planned.

For good information governance reasons SDUC do not accept  patient information by fax, so we hope that the  new system can be introduced soon.

YDH E-referral Collaborative Workshop Day YDH are holding a Workshop day on e-referral, primarily for practice secretarial and clerical staff though GPs are also welcome,  on 23 September from 10.00 am until 4.00pm in the YDH Academy. The day will be run  as drop in sessions, and practice staff are invited to  pop in when they are able and stay for as long as they like

The Workshops on offer will be hosted by the YDH  Contact Centre Team who will be able to update practice staff on the proposed future developments the Trust intends for  referral management, including  how they receive referrals and what makes a good referral . There will also be opportunities to  discuss and resolve concerns  that practice staff may have about  the Contact Centre.

Somerset Referral Management Centre staff  will also be on hand to provide training on the e-referral system and to listen to feedback regarding the new system.  They are part of the  working group developing this and t will be able to feed comments  back up the chain! EMIS will also be there to  show practices tips and tricks on  managing  referrals from your clinical system.

If you would like to attend please register your  interest  with  Julie.Brooks@YDH.NHS.UK


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Jill Hellens

Executive Director

Somerset LMC

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