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Somerset LMC weekly Update Friday 10th July 2015

Date sent: Friday 10 July 2015

To all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers   This and previous updates can be found here

Joint statements on Duty of care for hospital test results and drugs recommended from outpatient clinics The GPC are aware that in some areas, some hospital doctors have been instructing GPs to find out the test results which the hospital had ordered.

Both the General Practitioner Committee and the Consultants Committee of the BMA agree this practice is potentially unsafe, and that the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that results are acted upon, rests with the person requesting the test.

That responsibility can only be delegated to someone else if they accept by prior agreement.
Handover of responsibility has to be a joint consensual decision between hospital team and GP. If the GP hasn't accepted that role, the person requesting the test must retain responsibility.  

This advice is in line with both National Patient Safety Agency guidance and the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations, Read the advice in full here,  we have sent this to the acute trusts and the CCG.

Datix issue - message post 111/OOH calls There is currently an issue that is leading, in some circumstance, to GPs being emailed PEMS directly on their Practice email address for events occurring out of county.  This issue should be resolved within the next 48 hours and you will be informed as soon as a suitable resolution has been provided.  The CCG are also investigating all other issues relating to the transfer.  In the meantime could any further incidences of this, or any other issue relating to PEMS since July 1st,  be communicated immediately to Ian Thompson using the contact details below:

Ian Thompson | Senior Project Manager

NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit

T: 0117 900 2352| M: 07825 754538 | E: “

On receipt of your Datix on Monday 7th July, The CCG have also raised the issue with Somerset Doctors Urgent Care (SDUC) and they have agreed the following actions:-

Concerns about your Medical Indemnity cover or cost? The GPC is asking LMCs to collect information about  any  specific  problems and concerns that  GPs have about their personal or practice medical indemnity cover.

The explosion in the number of cases brought against GPs has inevitably led to rises in  subscriptions, but there have been a number of anecdotal reports that Medical Defence Organisations (indemnity providers)  are making what seem to be arbitrary decisions about  the extent and cost of cover for GPs and their practice staff.   For example, there are  concerns that GPs who contact their MDO for advice fairly often ,even if no case has been brought against them, are facing higher charges or restricted cover,  that non-medical practitioners in practices are very much more expensive to cover than they used to be, and that  the cost of cover for extended  GP roles – for example , sharing  some patient care with neighbouring practices  – makes collaborative working simply unaffordable.  It will help the GPC greatly in its discussions with the MDOs if we can find out if any of these anecdotes are based in fact.

If you have any specific concerns about your indemnity cover that you would like to share  ( these will be anonymised  in the LMC and then  the results collated centrally by GPC) please can you send them to

Recent FOI request on Care.Data As a reminder to those practices that received this request and have not yet responded the last day to reply in the  20 day window is today, if you need further information on the reply please see the update sent to all practice managers by e mail on the 29 June.

Clinical  Pharmacists in General Practice You will be aware of the  new £15m three year pilot to fund, recruit and employ clinical pharmacists in GP practices. The announcement is part of the GP workforce 10 point plan, Building the Workforce – the New Deal for General Practice. Further information about the pilot, including the application form,  is available via the BMA website. An LMC precis and further information on this initiative can be found here

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