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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 3rd July 2015

Date sent: Friday 3 July 2015

Sent to all Somerset GPs Practice Managers and Lead Nurses This and previous updates can be found here

OCP (organisation Crime Profile) and the National Contract Following a recent Counter fraud event there has been some confusion on which practices need to complete an OCP under the National Contract.  It is ours and the CCGs understanding as indicated in SC24.2-3 of the NHS Standard Contract Service Conditions page 18 that this is not the case for small providers, definition below. This will exclude all apart from 2 practices in Somerset as this only relates to income under the National Contract, which is in the main enhanced services (not GMS or PMS contract payments) and has to be in excess of £200K. The CCG will contact the practices where this does have to be completed.

Small Provider A provider whose aggregate annual income for the relevant Contract Year in respect of services provided to any NHS commissioners commissioned under any contract based on the NHS Standard Contract is not expected to exceed £200,000

New and amended meningococcal vaccination programmes for 2015-16 - England - correction There was an error in the message issued by GPC in the age range for Men C for University Freshers, which should  be for 19-25 year olds rather than 17-25 year olds. It should also have said: This is a single dose programme for patients aged 19 years and over and will run from 1 August 2015 to 31 March 2016. Tabled attached and full guidance can be found here

General Practice Extraction Investigation Mistakes in the original procurement and contract management of an IT system, designed to extract data from GP practices, contributed to losses of public funds, through asset write-offs and settlements with suppliers.Full Report

Changes to  Somerset Wheelchair Services We are currently seeking clarification on the new referral process from the CCG and will inform practices as soon as possible.

Cervical Screening The Cytology Laboratory in Taunton would like to remind GP Practices that women should only have a cervical sample taken when invited by the screening programme.  The laboratory regularly have to reject samples based on women not being due for a sample, being too young to be screened by the programme or a sample being taken for diagnostic purposes when a woman presents with gynaecological symptoms.  The laboratory have produced a poster for GP Practices as a reminder for those taking cervical samples about the national cervical screening testing criteria.  The easiest way to be certain of eligibility for screening is for all nurses taking cervical samples to have their own access to Open Exeter so they can check whether a woman is due a screening test before they take the sample.  Taking ineligible samples not only wastes valuable practice time and resources, but can also lead to poorer uptake of screening due to women not returning when their test is due.

If a woman requires earlier recall due to previous colposcopy treatments and needs a cervical sample for test of cure please follow the advice given by the laboratory on the patient results.  Women will receive an invitation from the recall agency when their sample is due.  Taking early or extra samples is not required and they will also be rejected.

Women aged 20 – 24 years are not eligible for screening, even if they present with gynaecological symptoms such as abnormal vaginal bleeding.  These women should have a speculum and pelvic examination performed.  The attached guidance for 20 - 24 year old women should be followed, including (where indicated) fast track referral to colposcopy.  Taking a cervical sample, which will be rejected will simply delay a woman being referred to colposcopy if they require urgent treatment. 

Please do not include cervical screening as part of your new patient registration.  Cervical screening records will follow the patient when they register with your Practice via the Adult Screening Recall Agency, and invitations will be sent to their new address when they become due for a sample.

If there is any doubt as to whether to take a sample please phone the laboratory first.


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