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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 18th June 2021

Date sent: Friday 18 June 2021

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers          This and previous updates are available here

COVID vaccinations given abroad: We have heard from practices getting requests from patients to record covid vaccination(s) they have had abroad as they want to view them on the NHS app for travel purposes. We asked the GPC and the advice was that general practice is NOT responsible for this information and to suggest they contact 119. That cannot be guaranteed to work because the NHS may (perhaps not unreasonably) take the view that it cannot guarantee the accuracy of documentation from other countries. It’s probably best that patients get confirmation from the place they were vaccinated.

Diabetes in Pregnancy: Isy Douek at SFT & Sesha Pramodh at YDH have written some one page summaries for GPs about Gestational diabetes, care of women with pre-existing diabetes for preconception care, during pregnancy and post partum. 

Devon Doctors Palliative Care Helpline 0845 Switched to 0345: From 1st July the number will change for good, costing less than before when using a mobile. In fact the 0345 number has been available for six months, see here. Practices may have stocks of leaflets with the old number. Damien Mills at Devon Doctors will replace them for you

A Reminder about the GP Community Pharmacy Consultation service (CPCS): The CCG’s Ed Garvey writes, “Thanks to all PCNs and practices who have agreed to take part in the CPCS. Based on feedback we have now a detailed implementation plan to roll-out this service. We are confident that the CPCS programme will be a success and help reduce the burden of minor illness and injury on practices by encouraging patients to use their local pharmacy during this busy time. But please do not make any referrals to CPCS via the Patient Access Signposting button on EMIS until you have been “onboarded” via our Somerset support programme, received your dedicated training and have been given the go ahead by your PCN-based Implementation Manager and leadership team.
For more information about the support programme please contact your leadership team or

Somerset Surgical Services (SSS) Back on eRS: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, SSS was asked to turn off their services on eRS, so referrals were directed to acute Trusts. Now that elective activity is resuming SSS have republished the services where they deliver an end-to-end pathway: Ophthalmology; Plastic Surgery; Oral Surgery; Hand & Wrist and Spinal Surgery.
Under Plastic Surgery SSS can treat patients with suspected Basal Cell Carcinomas as well as (funded) benign skin lesions and biopsies for patients who fall outside of a 2WW pathway. SSS encourage Plastic Surgery patients to contact their Clinical Lead Nurse about pre- or post-operative concerns for advice or clinical review when needed.
To find the service on eRS search under ‘Surgery-Plastic’, rather than ‘Dermatology.’
For queries regarding any SSS service contact

Updated Cancer Care Review indicators: Macmillan Cancer has updated its web-based resources to support the introduction of two new and updated Cancer Care Review indicators in the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) 2021/2022.

Vitamin D in Care Homes: Hels Bennet, CCG Locality Medicines Manager, writes, “At the beginning of the year the government provided a free four-month supply of daily vitamin D supplements for residents in care homes. This will soon run out. The supplements contained 10 micrograms (400 international units) of Vit D and are a food supplement, not a prescribed medicine. They are equivalent to those available to buy. Care home providers are required to meet residents’ full nutritional needs under Health and Social Care Act (2008) Regulations 2014 including this food supplement because PHE recommends that residents, not getting much sunlight, take Vit D throughout the whole year. Care homes are required by CQC to have a policy to support vit D supplements and should record administration e.g. on their MAR chart, daily notes or dietary records.”


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