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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 7th May 2021

Date sent: Friday 7 May 2021

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers          This and previous updates are available here

Allergy clinics for Covid Vaccination: We have been asked to remind practices about the steps for vaccinating those people with allergies:
Step 1: Check the most recent guidance for both first and second vaccines (pgs 21&22) in the Green Book 
Step 2: If 1st dose patients fall into the ‘amber’ category please refer to the A&G service at Bristol via ERS (Allergy- covidvaccination A&G). Red patients will need referrals in the usual way.
Step 3: If the recommendation from Bristol is to vaccinate in a hospital setting, please email person details, including the A&G response to Please also use this email for 2nd dose patients who require a more supervised second dose after checking the flow chart at step 1.
Can you please reassure your patient that there may be a wait of up to a few weeks but they will be contacted as soon as a  clinic is in place. Please can you also warn them that they may need to travel as these may be held in Yeovil as they have better storage for  the vaccines. The trust will contact  the patient directly as soon as they have a date secured, and will also confirm with the practice that the referral has been received

Data Security & Protection Toolkit 2020/21 Submission Guidance: The deadline for 2020/21 is 30 June 2021.
To support practices with meeting the requirements of the DSPT, please refer to the guidance document “DSPT Requirements 20-21 GP Cat 4 Guidance”, which is also available via your shared X-drive (Shared Area\GP Practices – Shared Area\Information Governance\DSPT Guidance GP Cat 4 2020-21), alongside template documents for some of the requirements.
If you have any questions about the DSPT, please contact the Information Governance Team via and they will be happy to help.

Serious Shortage Protocol for Estradot: A  Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP) for Estradot® 75 microgram patches, was introduced yesterday. The prescriber will need to decide whether it is reasonable and appropriate to substitute the patient's prescribed order for the active SSP. The patient would also have to agree to the alternative supply for that dispensing month. Read the guidance on endorsement, prescription charges, remuneration and reimbursement, and Q&As here.

Early Help and First Response GP Consultations: During the coronavirus pandemic our colleagues in Children’s Social Care kindly agreed to take child protection referrals by phone to assist with the pressures on primary care. Unfortunately they do not have the staff to continue this longer term and so the service will go back to the usual process at the end of May. However there has been some useful learning from this experience and so they are offering an opportunity to attend a consultation around the EHA. The LMC will be attending but it would be useful if other colleagues could also to discuss ideas and think about how we can work together to make this process as streamlined as possible. There is no need to book, just log on.

Racism in primary care report: Humberside LMC have published a report following a survey in their area exploring the experience of racism in primary care. This is a challenging but important document and we are grateful for the LMC sharing it. The report is based on findings from a survey across all staff groups, and forms part of their wellbeing strategy. Further information can be obtained from Dr Zoe Norris, Wellbeing Lead for Humberside LMC, via

Important changes in Chemistry – from Dr David James: I will be retiring in a few weeks to take on a new role as CMO for SYNLAB in the UK. We have been fortunate to have appointed Dr Sadie Thomas as Consultant Clinical Biochemist who will be taking over my laboratory roles and so will be your first port of call for lab enquiries or support in chemistry. Sadie has been in post since early April and I will be trying to introduce her to as many as possible before I depart at the end of May. Contact her on
My clinical workload relating to lipid problems will be taken on for now by Dr Alex Bickerton at YDH who will keep you informed of developments.
My work relating to recurrent renal stones will pass to Mr Neil Trent at MPH.
My A&G lists will be taken down on 15th May 2021 to ensure a smooth transition.
Although I will be leaving my NHS role I will still be involved with pathology here as part of the Independent Sector JV partner and with increasing age, as an end-user of the service.
Finally, I would like to say that it has been a fulfilling 22 years working here in Somerset, and apologies for those of you I meet out and about and can’t quite put the name to the face!

Remote surgery sessions with Veales Wasborough 11th May: We previously advertised these slots in the 9th April update, there are still places available and are bookable through the detail below: Practices may remember the complimentary surgery sessions we held with Ros Lockhart from Lockharts solicitors at the LMC office there are still spaces available for the 11th May  if you would like to book one of these sessions please complete the enquiry sheet and e mail direct to Sandeep Saib further detail here.

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