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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 14th August 2020

Date sent: Friday 14 August 2020

All Somerset GPs and Practice Managers          This and previous Updates can be found here and the SGPET ones here

EMIS VIEWER has now been consulted over 250,000 times thus saving many enquiries at practices. In other news on data sharing about 2,100 EOL records have been made and some 4,500 special messages had been created for OOH since April 2019. TEPs made in secondary care had been passed to practices 1,400 times since March. Work to improve quality is carrying on. Over 1,750 LD and Autism record flags have been shared between the county council, "SomPar" and the acute trusts since the beginning of 2019 to help those who might need extra time or special assistance can get it.

Menopause report The BMA has published a report on Challenging the culture on menopause for working doctors,following a survey of members to understand specific challenges they face. The survey showed the physical and mental impact that women doctors can experience during the menopause and that for some it has meant a change to their working lives. The report also highlights a lack of support for many and a reluctance to discuss the problem with managers and colleagues. Symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, loss of confidence and debilitating hot flushes were cited by 90% of doctors as affecting their ability to work – with 38% saying the impact was ‘significant’.

GP Appraisal - BIG CHANGES COMING? The BMA has been in discussions with NHSEI planning the restart of appraisals [what about the GMC? MD]. While the details are yet to be published, the GPC has been encouraged by the positive, redesigned process focussing on a formative GP-centredness. It welcomes the promised simplification of appraisal requirements and reduction in evidence and paperwork. This will be a step forward for you to use your appraisal for professional development again and is part of the wider BMA strategy of bureaucracy reduction and the re-professionalisation agenda set out in the policy document ’ Trust GPs to Lead’. Details of the new system will be released by NHSEI in “the very near future

PPE portal have you registered? we have been informed that 43 practices are yet to register and with flu season fast approaching we would recommend that you do, in order to so this here are the relevant steps

Update to Caldicott Principles - 7 BECOME 8. The National Data Guardian is holding a consultation on some changes. For example the words “personal data” is replaced with “confidential information” and Principle 7 now states that, “The duty to share information FOR DIRECT CARE is (no longer just “can be”) as important as the duty to protect patient confidentiality.” There is new emphasis on organisations making sure individuals handling data for them are aware of the justification for, necessity and minimum use of, restriction of access to confidential information, being aware of their responsibilities and personal need to comply with the law. Of interest is a proposed new 8th principle which is to “Inform the expectations of patients...about how their confidential information is to be used” summarised as the “no surprises” principle. This does concern us as despite its common sense it also possibly implies a return to requiring individual consent. Make representations here

Let Pharmacists Alter Prescriptions RPS President Sandra Gidley has called for all community pharmacists to be allowed to make changes to prescriptions to reduce unnecessary delays in providing medicines to patients, “Pharmacists find themselves at the sharp end when patients cannot obtain the medicines that they need. It would prevent a lot of delays if pharmacists [could] make changes to a prescription when a medicine is in short supply or out of stock...At present any changes to quantities, strength or formulation can legally only be done by the prescriber. A change to medicines legislation is needed speed up patients’ access to medicines, which would also have the added benefit of reducing the workload of GPs.” Pharmacists in hospital and in community pharmacies in Scotland already routinely alter prescriptions for the benefit of patients.

The Control of Patient Information (COPI) notices have been renewed, unchanged until the 31st March, continuing relaxation of data protection regulations to assist cooperation between agencies during the pandemic.

GP matters the link to the "my diabetes my way" website in the GP matters last week was incorrect, please use

Flu immunisation 2020/21 e-learning modules The interactive flu immunisation e-learning modules have been updated for the 2020/21 flu season. These are available to support anyone involved in delivering the flu immunisation programme. This e-learning can be accessed  here .

Childhood Imms Please note you have 3 months to claim after you have missed the Open Exeter deadline. NHS England are not required to process late claims where the NHE England deadline has been missed as detailed  in the table here

Porter Dodson contracts and Staff Handbook both have had a very recent update and can be found on the website here, you will need to log in to see them and are free to use

Top Tips

We have now added a page of the Top tips to the website and will be posting recent back copies over the next week, new items this week are

Top tips on resolving Conflict Resolution with Yvonne Vigar

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