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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 10th May 2019

Date sent: Friday 10 May 2019

Sent to all Somerset GPs and Practice Managers          This and previous updates are available here

QOF Aspiration Payments: Some practices have seen a drop in their monthly QOF payment following the transition from SPQS. The aspiration money received in April was based on 2017-18 QOF achievement, instead of the 2012-13 QOF achievement, the final year SPQS practices participated in QOF. The 17-18 figure was used because it was the most up to date information available to the CQRS system to make the payment even though it was obviously misleading for SPQS practices. Once the 2018-19 achievement has been approved by NHSE, CQRS will re-calculate the aspiration payment and the CCG will pay the difference including a back-dated instruction for April. If a practice has declared their 18-19 achievement on CQRS by 9 May 2019 the CCG expects the aspiration adjustment will show in the next contract payment (end of May for GMS or mid-June for PMS). It is their expectation that the review and new payment instruction will take effect from June. If a practice has any queries about this process or a concern about cash flow please contact the CCG. This is a shortened version of an item which will appear in the CCG news update on Monday.

PCNS and improved Access: The requirements for Extended Hours and Improved Access are affected by the new GP contract.The requirement to deliver Extended Hours transfers from practices to PCNs in July. The requirement is for all patients in the PCN to have access to Extended Hours within the PCN geography. Improved Access will continue to be commissioned from practices as part of the PCIS contract. Clusters of practices providing Improved Access will want to reorganise so that Improved Access is provided on the same geographical footprints as PCNs. The requirements of Improved Access do not change- it will still be 30 mins per 1,000 population, with the other requirements such as advertising the service and providing it between 6.30 and 8pm remaining the same as in the 2018/19 contract. This means there is no change in the overall number of minutes to be provided and no additional requirements. However national policy on access is developing rapidly with a review of all access schemes due to take place this year. If changes are required the CCG may need to give notice of this during the year. The notice period is six months.

Access and PCN contracting responses: We have been sent Primary care Transformation Access Queries and Primary care Contract Queries from the CCG , which contain NHSE answers to questions raised by commissioners from across the country.

Advice for Primary Care Networks: The General Practice Defence Fund exists to ensure representation, influence and support for Local Medical Committees, GPs and general practice. The Board met recently and considered the urgent need for legal, contractual, employment and tax advice for emerging PCNs. This is being finalised and will be provided to each LMC as soon as possible.

Primary Care Network Agreements: Dan Hodgson (BMA Head of Independent Contractors Pay & Contracts) announced on Tuesday 7th May, “We have now released our proforma documents on governance and decision making for PCNs. They are available under the ‘PCN toolkit and other useful documents’ tab on  our PCN webpage, under the tax guidance released last week. These documents have been drafted for networks to adapt to their specific circumstances and drop into Schedule 1 to the Network Agreement.”

GP Contract 19/20: The Guidance and Audit requirement and GMS Ready Reckoner have been published , these can also be found on the LMC and NHSE websites.

Nurse Mentor Updates and Training Opportunity for New Practice Supervisors and Assessors (including AHPs): NB. If you currently provide adult student nurse placements you may have already been contacted by the University Placement Coordinator, however you may still be interested in the STH offer of support below.
Are you prepared for the changes to the NMC standards for student supervision and assessment?
The University of Plymouth and Bournemouth University are currently holding a series of FREE training days for practice staff, in readiness for the transition to the new Practice Supervisor and Assessor roles. (UWE will be arranging similar courses later in the year). Priority is being given to existing Mentors to attend a half day 'update transition' course however they are also arranging one day courses for experienced nurses who are not currently supervising students, and for other registered clinical practitioners who would like to be new Practice Supervisors or Assessors.
The courses vary slightly between universities, but in general, the update courses are half days and the Assessor and Supervisor courses are full days. NB.To be a Practice Assessor you will have to attend both days.
If you are interested in any of these courses please visit the university website: or for details of the courses available.
The Somerset Training Hub (STH) - formerly known as SCEPN - can provide information if you need help and although the courses are FREE to attend, the STH can also offer funding to support the release of staff ,where this will increase the number of student placements offered as a direct result of the training, and where this is a development and training opportunity for existing practice nurses.
If you are interested in knowing more please contact Carol Hobbs, Education Facilitator, Somerset Training Hub; email: or contact the Somerset LMC Office; telephone: 01823 334128 or email  

QMasters Evening Training Session - Tuesday 21st May Holiday Inn Taunton 6.30pm-8pm:This training has been designed for GPs, Practice Nurses and Practice Managers and will be delivered by Dr Miles Carter a GP Partner in Oxfordshire and the CEO of QMasters. We would strongly recommend attending this training to fully understand how QMasters can benefit the whole practice with saving time, maximising QOF income and improving clinical safety.

Please book online here. It is important that you confirm your attendance as a hot meal will be provided and we need to know the number of people who will be attending. Food will be available from 6.30pm with the presentation starting at 7pm.

PPA Workshop 11th July: Frome Medical Centre: are hosting a PPA training event on Wednesday 11th July. This is a refresher course or for new staff to attend, if practices would like to send a member of their staff they will need to book direct with Ash Lane Medical Business consulting

And Finally…

Did you know that April was Bowel Cancer Awareness month which, according to NHSE, raised awareness and increase uptake in testing?


Kind Regards



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