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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Thursday 18th April 2019

Date sent: Thursday 18 April 2019

All Somerset GPs and Practice Managers  This and previous e mails updates can be found here

GP Board Meeting We started with a presentation from SPARK, a local organisation providing practical support for the voluntary sector in Somerset. Although based mainly in the east of the county, they are able to support work and provide training in all aspects of the voluntary workforce and are already involved in several STP workstreams. The board feels that they may be able to provide an ‘umbrella’ for the provision of social prescribing through the new networks. We already sit with them on the Neighbourhoods Board, and they are keen to establish further links with Primary care.

We reflected on the positive feedback received after last week’s LMC/Training Hub study day on networks and neighbourhoods, and how important it was that momentum is maintained. We had an update on network development around the county, and it seems that Clinical Directors have already been identified in roughly two thirds of the networks. Andy Mullins from the NAPC (National Association of Primary Care) was in attendance and commented that Somerset felt to be relatively cohesive and the vibe around the county generally positive, compared to other regions. The NAPC agreed to provide monthly updates of their work around the county. There are meetings planned soon in the remaining areas and the board was hopeful that all networks would be able to nominate their Clinical Director by the deadline of May 15th. There was discussion about how the new Clinical Directors might fit into the future representative structure of the GP ‘provider landscape’, and how this might develop and link in time with other providers as Somerset moves towards an Integrated Care System (ICS).

We had feedback from the various boards and workstream meetings that GP Board members had attended, and heard from our acute trust representatives about a new focus to improve communication between the Trusts and Primary Care. The hot-cross buns were delicious. The next meeting is scheduled for May 15th.

Target payments in respect of childhood immunisations – one-off opportunity to submit claims for quarters missed The South West LMCs negotiated a further amnesty for practices who had missed these claims going back to the quarter starting October 2017, all the detail was included the NHSE bulletin issued on the 12th April a copy can be found here  if you are a practice that is  in this cohort please do ensure that you start this process as soon as possible as we will be unable to get a further extension. 

URGENT Levomepromazine 25mg/ml. Sanofi informed NHS England and DHSC on 5th April 2019 that they will be out of stock of levomepromazine 25mg/ml until the end of the month. This is due to a “quality deviation” experienced at their Italian factory and is not linked to EU exit (if any). The only other UK supplier (Wockhardt) say that due to the unexpected increase in demand they are also out stock and their next delivery has been delayed until the end of April. What does remain will be “ringfenced” for primary care. So much for globalisation and Just In Time supply!

ANOTHER SHORTAGE - Labetolol all Strengths DHSC says supplies will be very limited until mid May. There are two suppliers in the UK: Mylan (delay in serialisation of FMD packs) and Recipharm (problem with the active ingredient). No new patients should be started on labetalol, indicated for hypertension particularly in pregnancy. Patients without supplies to last until May will need switching to an alternative with pregnant patients needing special management. There is information from UK Medicines Information about on the SPS website  Suppliers of nifedipine and methyldopa are confident they can meet additional demand.

Discharge summary survey TST is working on trying to improve the quality of discharge summaries. The Improvement Team have been working with the Junior Doctors and the LMC and would value more feedback from GPs, it would be helpful if you would complete this short survey by Friday 10th May any queries please e mail


Have a lovely Easter break 



Kind Regards


Jill Hellens

Executive Director

Somerset LMC

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