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Somerset LMC Weekly Update Friday 7th September 2018

Date sent: Friday 7 September 2018

All Somerset GPs and Practice Managers  This and previous updates can be found here

Registration of patients with learning difficulties in residential units Practices have been requested not to accept patients coming to reside in Somerset as fully registered patients until agreement on funding had been reached with the home authority. The LMC, while sympathising with the hard pressed local authority and SomPar, nevertheless argued that this could present GPs with the difficult and even dangerous situation of trying to help patients with complicated needs without the whole medical record. We have been informed by the commissioner of Mental Health & LD services that owing to “complexity… the letter is not being enforced and practices should revert to former practice of registering these patients.” This was confirmed by the CCG at our meeting with them yesterday.

GP Retention Scheme Practices will be aware that the GP Retention scheme (formerly the Retained Doctor Scheme) was reintroduced by NHSE in November 2017 and  is a package of support resources aimed at GPs who may be considering leaving the profession, to remain in clinical practice providing between one and four sessions per week. This scheme could be helpful for a range of GPs, including those who need time to care for family members, those wanting to reduce their hours as they approach retirement or GPs who want to receive educational and development support after a period of absence. The resources also offer support to the GP practices employing them. We currently have 5 GPs in this scheme in Somerset.  We would like keep a record on our database of any practices that would be willing to be part of the scheme. Details of the scheme can be found here  and videos here  if any practices or GPs would like more information they are welcome to e mail Dr John Edwards for further detail  .This initiative is separate from the GP career plus scheme run by SPH but could be complimentary to the CPD requirements of the retention scheme. If you are a practice who would consider employing a retained GP please let the office know

GP Career Support Pack (England) NHS England has worked with the GPC and RCGP to develop a first iteration of a guide for GPs to help them at various stages of their career journey. The document sets out the various types of support available to GPs throughout their career in England. The guide focuses on support for individual GPs – not the practice or the wider system. The guide will be updated every 3-6 months, with the next version being published in October, the guide can be found on the LMC website support page 

Flu Planning Pre meeting There was some concern from NHS England at the meeting held yesterday that practices across the South West have not ordered enough Adjuvanted Trivalent vaccine and have ordered Quad instead, we have been asked to check the data with Somerset practices and are hopefully going to be sent a spreadsheet later today in order to feedback to NHSE by the 14th September, we will contact any practice where they highlight a concern as soon as we receive the relevant information.

VAT –Premises Following the e mail practices received regarding this we have raised with NHSE and also taken advice from the GPC who have said that this has not been agreed with the BMA and as the premises directions have not yet been signed off practices should do nothing.

Technical fault with PCSE online queries from PCSE has asked us to let practices know that due to a technical fault, queries submitted via their online form from 17 July until earlier this week, have not been getting through to their system and cannot be retrieved. The issue has now been resolved, however, if a practice or GP submitted a query in July or August and have not received a response, please resubmit your query using the form in this link. Note that the technical issue did not apply to the follow enquiry types: CET claims, GP payments, GP pensions, Pre-visit notifications.

Dates for the Diary

17th October Dillington House (5-7 and 7-9)  Recruitment evening Are you a GP or GP Trainee looking for the right practice / employer to meet your career aspirations?

If you are thinking about partnership, salaried or retainer posts but not sure where to begin and aren't sure what your next steps are then help is at hand and your questions can be answered by attending this event where practices from across the county and GPs and GP Trainees can come together and be introduced to each to other to explore options and hear about the innovations that are happening in Somerset Primary Care  please .Book online  Practices wishing to book a stand please e mail Sarah 

November 13th LMC Study day Taunton Racecourse A full day for GPs and managers with presentations and workshops including Primary care home, Neighbourhood teams, finance and more to support practices as you tackle the transformation plans and secure your futures.


Kind Regards


Jill Hellens

Executive Director

Somerset LMC

TEL: 01823 331428

Fax:01823 338561

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